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I have recently upgraded the size of my humidor. With the extra space I plan on buying some A list cigars and aging them for special occasions. I like full bodied cigars (I love maduros) with a 48 + ring gauge. With this in mind what you folks suggest I invest in?

Thank you for your suggestions,
The Tiki

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As for a really good affordable maduro that age great I always keep a wheel of HdM Rothschild (mm) in the 'dor, now with that said keeping price in mind for a little more I like Carlos Torano Sig. Perfectos with the Brazilian maduro wrapper, also the LLMF Tornados. LGC Torps & Wavell. On the upscale side but still worth the expense in my opinion are the Fuente WOAM's Hope this helps you somewhat but remember because someone touts a cigar being the best thing since sliced bread only YOU can & should decide that by trying a couple singles for yourself first!.............Barry.............:u
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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