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ADIOS HERF for SLR in Orange, CA Sun 8-31
I posted this over at Cigar Weekly but know some of you would be interested.

Please join us at Maxamar's/Club Havana for a farewell herf for SLR (Mike Almazan) who is moving to Maine. This Sun. (day before Labor Day). Starts at 1:00PM till ?? 9:00PM?.

Maxamars/Club Havana
3744 E. Chapman Ave.
Suite E
(714) 633-3000
Full bar, sodas, water etc. will be available at reasonable prices.
May bring food but will be ordering out.
Please post if you can attend.
This is a chance to meet and smoke with other CW (also CF, CS & CD)members.
See you Sun. :w :al

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Will sure miss you! Guess that means I won't be lighting up with you when I come in to So Cal third weekend in September. Well, I'll at least be there (at this Saturday's good bye party) in spirit.

Bon Voyage!

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