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are you ok up there???? Geez man, 30 inches???? I remember some early snows, but NEVER like this!!!!

Keep warm man... I'm sure some of your neighbors still have some Genny Cream Ale stashed in the garage.... if you can get to it!

Just getting worried since it's morning and those trees are still falling and hadn't heard from you!!!

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Hey CL, I'm beat, but doing OK. Thank you for your concern.

Here's the scoop:

My street is the only street in N Buffalo with power (that I know of).

My brother (Clarence) is without

My sister (4 streets from me on the N Buf/Kenmore border) is without

My aunt in Tonawanda is without

Same for my uncle in Tona

My other brother is on the side of the street in Tona with.

Trees are down everywhere. All of the sidestreets are trashed. The 90, 190, 290, 990, and 33 are all closed. Driving ban through Buf and the northtowns.

As I drove home last night, transformers were blowing everywhere lighting up the sky and trees were going down like crazy. Between that and pulling trees out of the way with my truck, I really feel like I'm in a Ford truck commercial (sans the hot brunette in the passenger seat, she's safe in the southtowns).

The big problem right now is that we're at about 50 degrees and its raining. We've got a huge water problem and no one has power to pump out the basements. There aren't any generators from here to Cleveland either.

And FYI, everyone I've talked to on the island is without power.

To make matters worse, tomorrow is opening day of bow season and the SJCI/CHS game. I had October festivities that would make a resident of Munich blush.

Oh, and about the important stuff......

I spent 2 hours this morning searching for an open gas station so I could get some fuel and a 30 of Blue to ride this out Buffalo style.
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