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A few BOTLs in the States have done me favours by buying me something off places we Canucks don't have access to, like "The Devil Site", etc, and mailing them to me. So I'll return the favour to a Canadian.

I'll be flying into Allentown PA, the home of Cigars International, in a couple of weeks. I"ll be visiting that place a couple of times over the week and will have time to pick up a few things. If someone wants, browse the CI site (as if none of us have dreamt & drooled that place a few times) and pick out 2 boxes of cigars, and I'll bring 'em back across and mail 'em to you. Just send me a note with your choices, and alternates would be nice too in case something you pick out isn't in stock. Mail me a Money Order for the cost of the smokes and applicable shipping through Canada Post, or alternate shipping methods if you so wish.

First PM gets first crack at it and if I don't get the MO in time, it'll go to the next PM in line.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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