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Man one of the cigar guys I know told me a great story about candelas. He said the manufacturing process is a bitch, they have to put the tobacco into barns full of burning fires, that retards the photosynthesis process to keep the tobacco green.

Now they have to hire guys to keep the fires burning, and to keep them under control. Naturally this is a shitty job so it attracts bottom feeders looking for employment. Unfortunately a lot of who are drunks. So sometimes they drink on the job and take a snooze, so guess what? Yep, the fires get out of control and start burning everything up. So the solution? The owner hired the guys wives to come to work with them to keep them in line, you know, slap them around and take their liqour away. I thought this was damn funny!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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