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Mornings are a favorite part of my day. I like a few good cups of coffee....watching CNN....scanning this forum......and maybe doing a bit of trading in the market. I also enjoy a good cigar during these pursuits. I want this cigar to be an enjoyable companion and not an aggravation, in otherwords doing everything right.

The original Flor de Oliva Torpedo has been my morning cigar for many years. Always a source of enjoyment and never interfering with my train of thought. I also have one in the mid-afternoon while I am working on a crossword puzzle...or on the golf course...or persuing a Steelhead on the Wilson or Kilchis River.

"Flor de Oliva cigars are handmade with 100% Nicaraguan filler and Indonesian Sumatra wrappers by the renowned Oliva Cigar Family. Quality is comparable to premium cigars costing 4 times the price"...A quote borrowed from another website, and IMHO quite accurate.

The original Flor de Oliva Torpedo in Natural, not the Maduro or the Gold Line or any other size or shape. I've tried them all to no avail.

The Torpedo has a very good appearance and a solid single density feel...burns evenly with a very long ash, which speaks well of its construction...a nice easy draw with a lot of smoke. Starts out medium-bodied with an occasional hint of sweetness and spice, and gets a little stronger and more spicy towards the end. A good honest cigar that doesn't pretend to be anything else. I don't experience any runs..canoeing...or tunneling or plugs. Construction is as good as any cigar on either market, and it keeps its' firm feel to the very end.

I always have 2 or 3 bundles in my main humi and 5 in storage. I Keep them at 68%RH and two or three naked and ready to smoke. I deep cut mine so they are about 5/8" across. Since the cut is deep I premoisten the cap. No problem.

AN ADDED BONUS!!! Money not spent adds up to an extra box of ISOMs every month! I like that thought. :D :D :D

P.S. I pay 96 cents a piece.

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