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Hey crew!
I’m thinning the herd and have a few bundles and bunches that are great for filling empty humidor space with, and mowing a lawn with, and then a couple that are much more suited towards relaxation time. Priced to move and basically cover shipping costs.
If you want the whole lot, or a combo, make me an offer. I probably won’t say no! Cigars only to save on shipping (although if you want the box, we can probably work something out).

These have all been living in my humidor between 65-70 F and 67% RH for at least two years, so any rough edges should be toned down a bit.

Here’s what’s on the block:
A brick of 20 Puros Indios Viejos Coronas from 2019 ($30):

A handful (17) of Don Felo Felitos with about three years on em. $10 shipped to your door, box not included:
Material property Font Rectangle Cosmetics Metal

A 4-pack of 5 Vegas A Archetypes, I think. Two years on em. 15 bucks and they’re yours:
Glasses Wood Sports equipment Hardwood Drink

Lest you all think I smoke only trash (which, I love me a good DiNobili or twelve), some toros for your enjoyment, as well: 601 La Bomba Nuclear, two Caín Straight Ligeros and two Nica Rústicas for 25 bucks. All with some decent age on them (the cains have been stewing for longer for sure)
Tin Pen Gun accessory Wood Cylinder

If you’ve made it this far down, here are a few more options. Ten Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 $50 shipped, from 2018 I believe:
Cosmetics Gas Box Machine Drink

and a dozen Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagnes Figurados for $55:
Gold Rectangle Box Packaging and labeling Metal

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested! These need to move quick so I’m willing to wheel and deal a bit. Thanks!


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