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A cigar roller in Manhattan New York

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While walking in mid-town Manhattan yesterday I stumbled across Martinez Handmade Cigars on W. 29th Street. I would not have thought a factory (small) would still be in the borough. The display case says "Wholesale Only" but the gladly sell single cigars. It isn't a lounge but the one lounge chair was empty so they allowed me to sit with my smoke.

The cigars (I've smoked a different one at home this morning) are solid honest smokes but not fantastic. I've tried two "New York City Blends" and they are good enough that I will happily smoke more. There are no specifics flavor notes but no bad tastes as well. The construction is good.
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I am a cigar roller who makes rolling videos for Youtube. Most of the wood molds you see in my videos came from Martinez when they switched to plastic around ten years ago. Jesus Martinez is such a cool dude that he only charged me shipping for the molds. I have also visited the shop. It's gotta be the smallest cigar factory in America (not including the kitchen nook where I roll).

Hey buddy, remember me? may be not, i used to roll and have swapped rolls with you a few times, watch your vids on youtube.
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Does kinda ring a bell. BOTL forum? Oh yeah, the clown icon. Was it you who was in Vacaville, and set me up with the guy who made me the casquillos?
Yep thats the one, the guy who made it is also on here @ADRUNKK i moved to Florida now
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