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May 21-26 Let's go!!!! There are 5 spots left. Awesome trip! The catch is usually Cabrilla, Yellowtail, Humbolt Squid, and sometime Grouper.

Contact Richard Lenyk @ [email protected]

Life aboard the Celia Angelina is one of total relaxation and enjoyment of the beautiful Sea of Cortez! You are free to fish from sunrise to sunset, or take life easy and read, sleep, swim, snorkel, or just go beach combing. Your panga and your guide are at your service at every stop.

Your exact route depends on fishing conditions and the length of your cruise. See Baja map. But normally, you will depart San Felipe and run down to the Enchanted Islands for your first day of fishing, and then island-hop your way down the magnificent Midriff archipelago.

Three-day trips go as far as the Enchanted Islands, and perhaps a little farther. Four-day and five-day trips will visit the area around Bahia de los Angeles, and six-day trips may go all the way south to Isla San Lorenzo, or even cross the Sea of Cortez to fish Isla San Esteban and exotic Isla Tiburon, the largest of the Midriff Islands.

Wherever you fish, you will be treated to sights and fishing action rarely experienced by most Baja anglers. These remote islands get few visitors, even today, and many times the Celia Angelina and her pangas will be the only boats you see.

When fishing with Sea of Cortez Sportfishing, all your needs are taken care of from the moment you arrive in San Felipe and park your vehicle in our locked facility. You are taken by van to the dock, and you board the boat and choose your bunk from one of ten air conditioned berths available, or from the twelve shaded bunks on the upper deck. All your paperwork has been taken care of ahead of time. The crew helps load your luggage and tackle, and helps you get settled.

Soon, the boat gets underway, down the Sea of Cortez! You have nothing to do but enjoy the ride and the magnificent view, while your meals are served, you shower and rest, and the boat cruises all night to your first fishing location, anchors, and launches its six pangas.

After breakfast, you and two fellow anglers board your panga, and with your experienced guide's constant help, you are fishing literally within a few minutes! Hang on! The action will be fast and heavy! Most anglers have never experienced the kind of strikes and fights they will get on these trips!

Meanwhile, your lunch is being prepared aboard the Celia Anglina, and about noon, you return for your meal and drinks. Your fish are marked, hurried to the ice hold below decks, and kept in perfect condition for you. After lunch, you decide if you have enough energy to take in the "afternoon shift" of fishing that day, or if your would rather just relax, swim, snorkel, take a nap, read, or whatever.

Usually, dinner is served about sunset, and just about everyone goes to sleep early, or helps catch mackerel for the live bait tanks, and the boat will cruise to a new fishing location during the night. After breakfast the next morning, it's back into the pangas for another day of fishing adventure and new sights!

Depending on the season, you will be catching the larger sizes of yellowtail, cabrilla, grouper, snappers, sierra, sailfish, tuna, dorado, and a big assortment of miscellaneous species. Depending on how you decide to fish, you can expect a dozen species or so on any given trip.

On your final day, you will probably fish the Enchanted Islands again in the morning, and then relax for the final return to San Felipe while the crew fillets your catch and packs it into your ice chest. Some time in late afternoon or early evening, depending on the tides, the Celia Angelina will dock and you will be taken back to your car, exhausted but exhilarated from your adventure on the beautiful Sea of Cortez!
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