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Well, i woke up this morning to get read yand go down to tailgate for hte OSU - Michigan game. My boss and a couple of the iother Managers in the district were holding this shebang. The great thing about the company that i work for is that everyone is really young and fun to hang out with.

So i told the guys that i was going to make my famous "Riptide" that i learned the make while attendign KEnt State University... which is abotu the only thing i learned up there. Everyoen was bringing something, so i figure i'd throw down, i also brought 10 cigars and smoked 3 (RJ reserve maduro, HDM, and FDO maduro)

So anyways, here are the ingredients.

4 pink lemonade contentrates
4 lemonade concentrates
1 half gallon bottle of 80 proof vodka
30 Natural ice beers
1 big a$$ container

Listen guys, i know it sounds disgusting, but by the time its made you CANNOT taste the alcohol. And since its concentrate, you are basically using the beer and codka in place of the water which would have been used to make regular lemonade.

So here we go, a nice little "here's what we got shot"

Step one - you want to do the concentrates first, do 3 and 3. you want to keep the last two for the "it needs a little more, a little more" effect when you test it before serving it. So, put 6 of the concentrates in the gatorade barrel.

Next, take your big dog bottle of crap vodka and remove the jigger lid.

Like this, be carefu lwith the knife, it should just pop out.

Pour that Beyotch in and let it self-mingle with the concentrates.

NExt, we want to start adding the ice beer. yes i know, you're thinking, man, this guy uses cheap vodka and iced beer??? is HE NUTS?

Don't worry fellow brothers, you wont taste em!!

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Progress pics...

Closer, closer!!!!!!

Getting nto the brim!

30 and OUT!

Finally, toss an entire bag of ice in there and you will have a cold frosty carbonated delicious morning tailgate tonic! it's also effective for night games, hehe!

Test it a few times an add the remaining two concentrates as needed. i used a total of 7.

Shady aftermath!

I got ROCKED, what a fun time, we had the ultimate setup, 3 popup tents with walls, space ehaters, guitar hero and rock band, tons of food and good friends... and most importantly, stogies!

- Bobby
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