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Some hours ago I heard this news... I dont know if I should put this in the joke-section... I laughed many times when I heard it... I dont remember evreything exactly... but here are what they said (almost):

A seargent in th US-army, stationed in Korea, who knew that he would almost certainly go to Vietnam deserted and tried to escape through North-Korea. He was caught by the North-Korean and wasnt allowed to leave the country... In North-Korea he had to study Kim-Il Sung (former communist leader) 10 hours per day :r ... and have to be in North-Korean Propaganda-movies where he usually had to play the bad/evil American... :r In his time in North-Korea he married a Japanese woman that had been kidnapped by the North-Korean... :D

Anyway he was recently realeased and was free to leave North-Korea after 40 years!!!!... Holy crap! :r Talk about having a good time!!!
When he got home he just had to spend 1 month in prison because of the dessertion... In a short while he will quit the army though...
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