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A man was driving down the road doing about 35 or so when he looked over and noticed a chicken was running along side him!

He couldnt believe it so He sped up to 40 and STILL the chicken is running along side his truck. He notices the chicken has 3 legs and is baffeled.

Not a minute later the chicken speeds up cuts him off and turns down a old country road. So he follows it.

At the end of the road a farmer is coming out of the barn and asks "Can I Help you Sir" He replies why yes I was driving down the road and a chicken with 3 legs passed me and came down this way.

The Farmer Nodds and smile. Your right we created 3 legged chickens.
The Guy asks "Well Why Did you do that?"

The Farmer Replied " Well do you like a drumstick" He Replied "Yes"
"Does your wife like a Drumstick" Again "Yes"
"Well What of your friend Fred comes over and would like a drumstick as well"

The Guy Replied " You know I never thought of that"
He then Turn To the Farmer and Asked So how do they taste?

The Farmer Replied "I dont know Ive never been able to catch one"

That joke Was from BUDDY HACKETT from an appearence from The Carson Show. If you go onto youtube there is a video of that appearence and he tells it much better. And there a funny Joke about a duck Hunter in the same clip.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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