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Its Pipe Season!
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Rules and Regulations:
1. Similar to the Pipe Tobacco PIF, you need to be a member for 2 months, have over 100 posts, a +2 trader rating (with NO recent negatives), and already be an active member of the pipe forum (if you don't think you're active, ask IHT, he'll let you know - if you just "fly by post" 1 line without adding anything to the conversation, that's NOT active).
2. Posting a wish list is highly encouraged. If you don't ask for anything semi-specific, and you're not happy with your gifts, don't bitch to SPS or the mods. A sticky topic will be made for this purpose. I also encourage Secret Pipe Santas to do some research on what your kid already likes or has in their online cellar (that's a link).
3. Two tiers will be made this year due to the size of the pipe forum. When you sign up, state which tier you wish to be in. We don't want someone trying to overextend themselves during the holiday season. $50 and below, and $50 on up. Don't worry about an odd # of ppl in either tier, it all works out.
4. If you meet the requirements, send a PM with your current mailing address to Secret Pipe Santa.
5. Names will be drawn from a hat by IHT who will then PM you who your "SPS kid" is, and the login password for Secret Pipe Santa. No Special Requests this year for who you want as your "kid".
6. Have fun with it. Login to SPS, find the PM with your kids address. Make a topic dedicated to that person, calling them out, teasing them, leaving hints, etc. See past examples, or be creative, have fun.
7. Sign-ups end on Monday Nov 5th.
8. NO no-name bulk baggie blends unless specifically asked for by your kid in their wishlist. Bulk blends by named blenders is cool (McClellands, PW&W, Lane, etc). If you send an estate pipe, clean it prior to shipping.
9. Photos. Find a way to post them so everyone can see your gifts and let your SPS know that they've arrived in tact - share your joy, we all get a kick out of seeing what everyone got.
10. DC #s, whether from you or from a vendor shipping directly to your kid, please get one and post it in the topic you dedicate to your kid.
11. All packages should be shipped prior to 20 Dec so rule #12 can be met. If your kid is from overseas, adjust accordingly.
12. To steal an idea from JohnnyFlake (thanks), NO ONE MUST OPEN YOUR BOXES UNTIL CHRISTMAS EVE OR CHRISTMAS DAY (or whatever day your religion/family celebrates opening gifts - like Festivus/Kwanza/Hanukkah).
13. I'll add more when I see fit. I'm Santa, that's how I roll. :gn

Here are some links to give you an idea of what people have done in the past. <-- my favorite so far. examples of wishlists, but we have changed the rules, give it your best interpretation.

any questions, gripes, concerns, or ideas, post them here.
IHT will update the list as we go.

LIST #1 ($50 and below):
*The Professor

LIST #2 ($50 and up):
*Blake Lockhart
*Mister Moo

* = address received
alphabetized for EvanS' OCD ass
ALL ADDRESSES RECEIVED!! I actually have 28, but only 27 signed up??

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wow. little surprised there hasn't been more action.

if anyone has any reservations with this, please PM me what's on your mind.
if you feel i've put too many restrictions on this, there are many reason for that. if i'm being too "nanny state" about the entire thing, we can just make it one list, allow anyone in - although i don't have a good feeling about that (there's a reason we have trader ratings and all that).

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Question with the $50 and up: is there an expected/reasonable maximum? I mean, I can roll if it's $50-100; but if I'm playing with folks in the $150+ range, then I feel like I'd be out of my league. Thoughts from Santa/Greg???

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I think the "restrictions" are fine..and the Nov. 5th deadline is still about 3 weeks away so there's plenty of time to decide.

Put me down on List #2, please...and :tpd: a limit up to $100 seems like a good idea.

pm on the way.

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Question with the $50 and up: is there an expected/reasonable maximum? I mean, I can roll if it's $50-100; but if I'm playing with folks in the $150+ range, then I feel like I'd be out of my league. Thoughts from Santa/Greg???
D. just talking to greg a little, I think the 50 to 100 dollar range is whats intended but not restricted to. If someone has a wild hair up their arse to send out a roush pipe and a butt load of tobacco then so be it, but they should not expect the same in return.

those are my thoughts and my not be those of our supreme leader kim jung IHT

with that

put me in the 50 and up range !:chk
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