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So I haven't lit a pipe in a while... So I'm clearing some shelf space.
Dates on the open tins are either when I got/jarred the tin, or the date sticker that came on the tin. It's been at least a year, and most likely longer since any of the open tins have been cracked. Jars are almost a full tin in most cases, maybe one or two bowls taken. Some not even that.

$10 flat shipping

Jars are $15 each (see pic)

Unopened tins:
C&D Reverie 10/18 $15
C&D XX Flake 2/20 $30
C&D XX Dark Flake 2/20 $30
Peterson Nightcap 2020? $15
Peterson Elizabethan Mixture 2019? $15
BriarWorks Back Down South 2018 (opened) $15

Thanks for looking!

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