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Selling off a bunch of excess pipes. I inherited most of these. You will need to clean them up and sanitize to your level of comfort. Condition varies, but are priced accordingly.

Please add $5.00 for 1st Class shipping up to 3 pipes, $10.00 will cover Priority Mail for an unlimited number.
Ships to USA only.
Payment by PayPal.

Please post by lot # on the thread to claim for purchase. I will PM you details.

Lot #1 - Medico Rusticated Bent Bulldog - bit has yellowed some, otherwise good condition $10
Tool Office ruler Fashion accessory Ruler Natural material

Lot #2 - Old England Rusticated Straight Bulldog - GC $15
Rectangle Font Metal Fashion accessory Musical instrument accessory

Lot #3 - Sherwood Rock Briar - sort of a brandy bowl & Canadian stem, smooth with carved worm trails - GC $20
Tobacco pipe Font Wood Metal Rectangle

Lot #4 - Cortland Bent Panel w/ acrylic bit- has some shallow dings on bowl, otherwise nice $10
Tobacco pipe Wood Composite material Metal Font

Lot #5 - Jansen's Smooth Straight Bulldog - loose bit tenon $15
Wood Tool Font Hardwood Metal

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Lot #6 - Dr. Boston Small Rusticated Pot - very nice $15
Tobacco pipe Office supplies Font Office instrument Stationery

Lot #7 - Medico Crest - Straight Briar Billiard with Pigskin Cover $10
Tobacco pipe Office supplies Writing implement Font Wood

Lot #8 - Charatan's Supreme Large Bent Billiard (XL) $20
Plant Font Wood Metal Tobacco pipe

Lot #9 - Mastercraft Lg Oom Paul - has been repaired - stem cut and banded $10
Tobacco pipe Font Fashion accessory Metal Terrestrial animal

Lot #10 - Judds Short Volcano w/ worm trail treatment - has been repaired, stem cut & banded $10
Tobacco pipe Font Wood Musical instrument Metal

Lot #11 - Royal Crown Windsor Small Rusticated Straight Billiard - STUCK BIT $10
Tobacco pipe Office supplies Font Writing implement Wood

Lot#12 - Brutus Large Sandblasted Lumberman $40
Tobacco pipe Office supplies Wood Writing implement Font

Lot #13 - Kaywoodie Smooth Straight Bulldog $15
Font Rectangle Tool Wood Metal

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Lot #14 - And finally, an outstanding Alpha Signature Freeform from Israel I purchased new in 1982. It was, and remains, the most I've ever spent on a pipe myself. But, it has barely been smoked. I only ran 2 or 3 bowls through it back when I bought it and then put it away because I was afraid of messing it up. Subsequently got away from pipe smoking and there i has sat, in a pipe sock in nearly new condition for the last 40 years. Priced at $220. This is what I would expect to get from Smoking Pipes based on 55% of anticipated estimated resale there at $400.
Font Wood Office supplies Writing implement Natural material

Wood Natural material Metal Office supplies Tool

Wood Natural material Wood stain Metal Hardwood

Wood Natural material Varnish Hardwood Wood stain

Cosmetics Circle Gas Metal Auto part
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