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relaxnsmoke said:
Them isoms are ornamental. I put them in the top row of my glass humi and drool, after drooling for a hour or so I squeegee off the glass and fondle them. Then I grab a Domestic and light it on fire. I'm one sad sack. :rolleyes:

Maybe tomorrow I will fire up one of those super fancy cigars. I'm not sure. Is it "OK" to actually smoke them?
You gotta bury 'em. Temptation will ruin you. Acute Cigar Schizophrenia with Exaggerated Remorseful Tendencies.

Just knowing they're there is enough- walk around smokin some cheap domestic and listen to idiots tell you all that *they* know about cigars while you nod up and down with a chit-eating grin on your face...
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