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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Has anyone tried this yet? Description: The complex flavor suggests dark chocolate, woodsy juniper and juicy blueberry.. Holy hannah - It's like chocolate covered blueberrys in a cup..
  2. Coffee Discussion
    I am holding the same amount of coffee from the same lot/bag in our lab here. It will not be touched. This gives us an opportunity to compare the exact same lot one year later to see if there are any differences. By now, it seems as if most of you are Yirg'ed out, but get over it. I'm excited...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    1) Yirg- I can tolerate it. Too much of it lately, and not something I could drink for a week or two. But I don't hate it anymore, call me disinterested:) 2) Yirg- Gotta have it in the press. Anything else the body and flavor are far too tealike for me. 3) Yirg- It makes me pee. Feel...
  4. Coffee Discussion
    ....perhaps you want to try to roast cocoa.
  5. Coffee Discussion
    Novasurf put a coffeecap in my a$$ so here it is. ARE YOU A MAN (OR WOMAN) OR A MOUSE? Yirg is a hard roast to hit right. If it is right, it is going to taste citrusy - with obvious hints of lemon. If it's wrong it is nothing. The time of talking the talk is over - this is where we walk the...
1-5 of 5 Results