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  1. Cigar Bombs
    ok.. so i get home today.. thinking all is good.. you remember the Fuente story i bombed Shuckins with right.. well.. he "thought" he should retaliate. well sir.. this is just a fight.. not the war. but thank you DEAR SIR!!
  2. Cigar Contests
    Well, I got my prize from JoshLucky's padron 2000 contest. At first I was very disappointed in the [email protected] state flag box (nice handiwork, but wrong state!) But then I found a very nice treat inside (well packed too) Perdomo slow aged Oliva V lancero Custom roll habano wrapper Custom roll...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Well, Terry (probategeek) warned me, but I didn't listen and now I have to patch a nice new hole in my front door. Thank you for the fine selection of sticks. I haven't tried any of them but I certainly look forward to it after they recover from travelling in 100+ degree temps. I too chuckle...
  4. Sports Forum
    Pretty shocked. Didnt think they would. Anyway congrats to them and any fans they have on here.
  5. Cigar Forums Banter
    Anyone else on bodog? won a whopping $1.68 on the sports book sure its a teeny tiny bet but it was still fun.... not looking to get rich just have a little fun. Sorry mods if this isnt allowed.:tape:
  6. Cigar Pictures
    Some of you know that I went to Holts this past week for a Drew Estate event. They were raffling off a Liga Privada Ashtray. When I first saw it there, I was hoping to win the darn thing because it was gorgeous. Hand crafted pewter and made in Esteli, Nicaragua. I didn't get any call from...
  7. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Hygrometer Clock - eBay (item 250536269920 end time Jan-17-11 22:38:19 PST) these are 5 bucks shipped.... i ordered one and salt tested it and its perfect right at 75. SCORE!!!!!!! just thought i'd bring this to people's attention if maybe their tight on...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    My local TinderBox had the Montecristo Superbowl Cigars/humidor a while back. If you bought a cigar, you got a ticket to win the Charles Fazzino designed, signed, and numbered humidor. I got 3 cigars @ $25ea. The cigars came in a semi frosted glass tube with matching artwork on the tube that...
  9. Sports Forum
    :roll:I guess I don't know much about hockee. Which team has the hottest cheerleaders? :lolat:
  10. Cigar Bombs
    Thank you so much Dave! The cigars look great and I've been wanting a triple torch for a while. This is my first bomb and it came at the perfect time. I had a F'd up day at work, get home and my wife has the mail on the island in the kitchen. She's like "Is it a Bomb?!?!?!??!?!??! Is it a...
  11. Habanos Discussion
    Just won the Super Bowl pool for 175.00 What to buy, what to buy ???:hungry:
  12. Sports Forum
    I know our offense sux but damn.....our defense held Texas to 10 points with 1 second to go. Why our kicker desided to shank the fricken ball outta bounds when we were ahead by 2 i have no idea. That gave Texas the ball on the 40. Then the horse collar penalty gave em the ball on like the 20...
  13. General Pipe Forum
    I usually get sniped in the last couple seconds of an auction, but not today. Check this out: Savinelli "Erica Fiamma" Estate Pipe - eBay (item 290363406901 end time Nov-01-09 09:47:27 PST) and for less than fifty bucks including shipping.
  14. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    So as you know, I seem to always have a problem with ci, cbid, etc. The last time they sent me something by u.s mail it took 7 weeks to travel 90 miles or so. My wife hadnt received the humidor she had won on c.i. over three weeks ago. At...
  15. Cigar Pictures
    Well I won a booby prize from dj1340 in havanajohn's Nascar contest from Bristol TN. I went to post it up in the contest thread but it has already been close up. So I put it here. Thanks Don! I have yet to try a couple of these and I always enjoy expanding my horizons.
  16. General Discussion
    I went to the Oliva Kegerator event today. I had a total of 20 chances to win. I bought a box of Oliva V Double Robustos a couple months ago and I bought a box of Oliva Connecticut Lonsdales today. Jose Oliva drew my ticket. The Party Source is also throwing in a free half barrell of a beer of...
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    What a great start into the weekend. I won a CAO Cuban Press sampler this morning in a little contest that CAO ran on Twitter. Thanks CAO ! Yay me :smoke2:
  18. Cigar Contests
    I had a spur of the moment longest ash contest last night in the web herf and Charlie one! Sorry I started after we started smoking but like I said it was spur of the moment. I will ship you random 5 pack out tomorrow Charlie!! Congrats!!! It's nice to see the student out do the teacher ever...
  19. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    Yessir, He just won the no limit tourny. Congrats Dave! All of us that played need to send him 250 casi-cash. He polished off the heads up play with QUAD Queens!! And he played solid from start to finish. Great job buddy! :thumb: That was a gas guys!
  20. General Discussion
    Just saw on their website that I won. Cigars, Cigar Information and where to find Premium Cigars, Discounted Cigars and even Cheap Cigars "And the winner is . . . Congratulations to Dale Sturgill of Hephzibah, Georgia, winner of our "Register & Win" drawing for a free box of the 898...
1-20 of 87 Results