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  1. North Carolina
    This is a very cool shop located in the heart of downtown. This is this first cigar shop that I frequented and the owner is very helpful and generous. My first time walking in there was on a Sunday morning at opening time and I was amazed. I felt like I was walking into the old world, there...
  2. Smoking Action
    Me and the soon to be Mrs. Camacho Junior took a trip to see my cousin who just graduated from high school. Along the way we took the time to smoke a Rocky Patel Connecticut. Life is good.
  3. North Carolina
    Brooklynn Cigars - April 19th from 5-9pm. Free cigar Cigar Models Buy 3 get 1 free A lot of sales and a lot of raffles
  4. North Carolina
    Went into a new shop here in Wilmington yesterday. Actually it is in Leland, which is where I live, and it's right outside of Wilmington on US-17 heading towards Myrtle Beach. It's called Bugsy's Cigars. It's a great new shop with a hell of a selection for a brand new shop. They even have...
  5. North Carolina
    3 Yr. Anniversary Party Sat. Oct 27th 12pm-4pm at Brookelynn Cigars in Wilmington, NC! *La Aurora cigars will be here with a free sample cigar for all! *Live Cigar roller! *Special discounts on all La Aurora Cigars *Beverages and Food! I'll be there!! Shoot me a PM if anyone is interested in...
  6. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Good afternoon guys/gals. I was referred to this forum by a good friend of mine, Bigswol2. I have been a member at the cigar family for 7 years now. I'm looking forward to striking up some relationships on this board. See you on the boards!
  7. North Carolina
    Brookelynn Premium Cigars 7134 Market Street #9 Wilmington, NC 28411 Phone: 910-686-2446 An easily accessible location in the old Ogden community of Wilmington. Has a nicely stocked humidor and is priced very reasonably. Worth a visit if you are at the beach!
  8. Delaware
    Tyler Fitzgeralds 5343 Limestone Rd Wilmington, DE 19808-1222 Phone-302-234-0240 Smoking is permitted on the outdoor patio. The patio is heated and has plastic widows that are put up to protect against weather. The outdoor deck is full service. There is a bar on the patio. Max capacity on...
1-8 of 8 Results