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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Probably my least favorite Acid to date. Weird taste, and spice. Not a good burn and a tight draw. the shape and name is cool, but that's about it. Read the full review here: Acid Nasty Cigar Review - Weird
  2. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This cigar started with a weird moldy taste that persisted through the first two thirds of the cigar. The last third was ok. Some caramel notes, al... Read the full review here: Gran Habano Habano Lunch Break Cigar Review - Weird first third
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I bought a Rocky Patel cigar sampler with the intention of smoking them within a couple days. I tried one and felt like I was going to die. So, they have been sitting in a cooler waiting for me to get the equipment to properly maintain them. I haven't gotten around to buying distilled water but...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    Hi folks, So what is my weird question you wonder. A bit of back ground, I have been an off and on pipe smoker for a few years, and regular cigar smoker for over 5 years. For pipe tobacco I mostly just did the aro mixes like solani mystery x, petersons etc. Recently though I decided that I...
  5. General Pipe Forum
    I can't post pictures or links yet, so I'll try to describe this as well as I can. I just picked up a savinelli zulu style pipe on Ebay. I got it on the cheap ($10), and the pipe itself is in very good condition. One weird thing I noticed though, there is a very thick lightly coloured cake...
  6. General Pipe Forum
    Pardon the newb query: I picked up a new Missouri Meersham corncob and have smoked 3 bowls from it. Each time they start off great then about half way down i get a burnt plastic type taste. Is this just part of the break in? They always start great then just turn. Please advise!
  7. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    This is not a Dr. Seuss riddle! I have my humidor in my wineador. I have a hygrometer that reads 69-71 in my wineador and a hygrometer in humidor that reads 77. Both hygrometers are accurate to 1% of each other. I have about 2lbs of litter in wineador. I also have 69RH Boveda packs in my...
  8. Cigar Questions
    Tonight I lit up an AB Fall Harvest, the first one I had was great so I figured this would be a good smoke. The first half I kept looking at it thinking "This is my new favorite smoke", then when I got to the half way point I noticed a chemical taste on my lips, as I tried to shake it, it got...
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Not really on topic for pipes, but I thought this was amusing. As a watch guy, I kinda like that one though. 14 Smoking Accessories that Nobody Should Own
  10. Cigar Contests
    I want to state that this isn't something I'm doing... yet. Just a thread to put an idea out there for feedback. I was reading a blog today about a blind tasting contest. Basically, everyone paid X dollars and got 3 cigars. No bands, no details, no info. You had 2 weeks to smoke each one...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    thought i'd share, dunno maybe everyone but me already knows about it but i'm posting it up anyway. As a smoker who's always interested in the diamonds in the rough that is el cheapo smokes, this is a great, entertaining, and money-saving website. Crap Cigar | We smoke the shit so you don't...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    So in my dream my wife and I have gone somewhere tropical for a week long vacation with a bunch of friends. All of the guys brought big humidors and I only brought a 25ct desktop (idk ... it's a weird dream ... don't ask me why we had anything other then travel humis on vacation). Thursday rolls...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Their current Black Friday deal has a sale price of $0? $0 for shipping. Strange bug maybe?
  14. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Hey fellas, Hope all is well in your home and with your family. The wife and I were talking last night about foods that we grew up on. She is from the Kentucky area and I am from Texas. She grew up on chili sweetened with cinnamon?!?!?! And I grew up on sawmill gravy over biscuits. Now...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    Did a search throughout this forum, what others experienced in the other threads don't quite match what I have here so I created a new topic. Bought two boxes back in March, Punch London Club and HdM Dark Sumatra. Put them into my new 125ct humidor, smoked them through let's say one per week...
  16. General Discussion
    Hey guys, this one is pretty funny and weird..... A few days ago I had to have a blood circulation test called an ABI with ultrasound to test for circulation in my legs. Anyhow, I wore a loose pair of nylon shorts so I wouldn't have to wear a gown or crap like that. They wrap 4 long blood...
  17. General Pipe Forum
    Note: Im a new a smoker Alright so, everytime im smoking any pipe that i have with any kind of baccy in it, once i reach 3/3s down the pipe it starts to taste like burnt ashes. I cant even finish it cause it tastes like freshly cracked peppers and smoldering ashes. I know for a fact im not...
  18. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Hey all, I recently aquired an S.T. Dupont lookalike, and when I was trying to put in a new flint, I noticed that the zippo flints I had lying around were too wide. I can't find any other brands of flint besides Ronson (which is basically Zippo sized) around where I live. Does anyone know of...
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    So last night I smoked a Perdomo Habano and the ash on it was really weird. It curled outward like a budding rose. It was also flaky rather than firm or in one peice. It didnt burn unevenly or anything but it just had this weird ash. Has this happened to anyone else and do you know why?
  20. General Discussion
    What would it take to make you leave Puff?
1-20 of 59 Results