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  1. Cigar Forums Banter
    Well its about time to celebrate.. As a kid we were not allowed to pop fireworks but every now and again. As I get older I enjoy them more because they can shake the house, not so much as a ground visual. What about you? are you setting them off, or going somewhere? Nashville always have one...
  2. General Discussion
    Who else is going to be watching "The Office" tonight on NBC. I record all the reruns and now there finally is a new one. I have a Buddy coming up who also is watching it. I have an La Aroma de Cuba ready to go.
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Should have never given me your address..... 0307 1790 0002 3918 2402 Looks like you still have time to take it back though.......tick....tick.....tick........:D
  4. General Discussion
    Think Dale Jr's gonna pull it off? Hope Kurt Busch gets the hell knocked outta his car. Don't care to see him in the chase again. GO JR!
  5. Sports Forum
    Alrighty boys it's back! What are ya watchin' and what are you predicting? I am watching Falcons/Panthers- My prediction is for Carolina to run rough-shod over the Falcons. Go Panthers!! Also: Dallas/Jacksonville- Man I don't really know which this game will go, but I am giving the edge to...
  6. General Discussion
    ..........this season? The wifey's and my favs are: Prison Break NCIS Bones(Tivo) House Criminal Minds Threshold Numbers Getting a little tired of CSI(Vegas), and the Law and Orders.
  7. General Discussion
    anybody lucky enough to have tickets to any of the games today? I myself can't even watch my team,the STEELERS at home,don't have a dish & they're never on local tv here :c So I'm off to me local pub Callahan's for breakfast, a beer or three & watch the game ,hope you gorillas enjoy the games...
1-7 of 7 Results