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  1. Watches
    What are the better places to buy a pre-owned watch? I really like the looks of some of the older watches, but I have not idea what is a reasonable price and a honest place to get them. Jewelery Stores seem to be pretty pricy on them, but I do not hink I know enough to get one at an antique...
  2. Watches
    ... so whats the deal with I saw it on the banner on accross the top of puff ... anyone know anything about it? I was looking at the Tag Grand Carrerra that they have for $88. Ive seen some fake rolex's in the past ... some have been sh!ty, but I have also seen some that...
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    Visit the watches forum and discuss your favorite favorite watches and time pieces. If you are looking for advice on which watch other members like or would like to share your favorite watch make sure to check out the watch forum. Watch Forum
  4. Watches
    i have a watch, its good for my standards, its no $3000 omega seamaster or a rolex, its more in the range of fossil watches. i have an elgin diamond, good looking watch i think, my mom tends to get rid of anything that is my dads that he dont use, this was one of them, he weres his omega or...
  5. General Discussion
    I'm an unabashed lover of watches, from the Seiko divers which are pretty reasonable to the uber blingy Panerai monsters. Any other BOTL into watches? If so let's see a sweet wrist/watch shot!
  6. General Discussion
    Lets talk watches.....
  7. General Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone collects watches or clocks
  8. Entertainment
    Anyone else rereading the watchmen in preparation of march 2009 I pulled it out of the attic last weekend and am thoroughly enjoying it AGAIN. Rorschach is one of the ultimate badasses in print IMHO !
  9. Entertainment
    I'm watching this show right now entitled "Who Pooped the Bed" and I have been lauging non stop at this show. My first time watching this show but certainly not the last time. This is :r:rhysterical!!!!
  10. Cigar Forums Banter
    Congrats, Jimbo. You rock my bro. :tu
  11. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Once again got in on another decent deal so I can pass the savings onto you guys, with an MSRP of $365 they are a steal. Here is the description from the site: Invicta has produced fine Swiss timepieces since 1837 This watch features: * Swiss Quartz Movement * Solid 316L Stainless...
  12. General Discussion
    A couple of items. First of all, you can enter to win a Bulova watch at thier website ( You must enter your information EACH month to be eligible. Second, I have a Bulova watch I bought about 8 years ago that has no crystal. I do not know what model it is, nor do I know...
  13. General Discussion
    And do you think it is good or a bunch of BS
  14. General Discussion
    My dad collected pocket watches for about the last 15 years or so and had a collection of around 65 pocket watches. My brother and I got together last weekend to split them up. This one was my dad's pride and joy-a South Bend 328 The Studebaker that I now have. There were only 200 of them...
  15. Cigar Bombs
    Joe is very quick to return fire when hit with cigars. These were waiting for me when I returned from my trip... Some very excellent monster cigars that I cannot wait to smoke! Thanks Joe!
  16. General Discussion
    Anyone have a GIRARD PERREGAUX watch? I am looking at buying one soon. Link below shows what I am considering.
  17. General Discussion
    Anyone else here like watches? I've got a Tag Aquaracer (quartz) and if I got past a good jewelers I have to stop and look, and if they have any Jaegar Le-Coultre's, I have to stop and drool for a while, same if they have Patek's, Zenith's, Cartiers, Baume and Mercier's and so on. So, any...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    This is getting crazy. I think CAO has been reading too much CA and believes that cigars = watches. Look at this: CAO SET TO ESCAPE IN A 'TIMELY' FASHION WITH ANONIMO WATCHES CAO Cigars Selected To Launch Special Edition Shelby Watch Nashville, October 31, 2007: CAO, one of the world's...
  19. General Discussion
    Because I have done some watch trades on here in the past people occasionally PM me for advice about watches. I thought I would start a general thread about watches so people have a place to search and learn. Post what you have or general knowledge about watches.
1-19 of 30 Results