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  1. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    New member today and a short time cigar smoker. looks like the place for researching and just maybe finding that "perect smoke" - Very interested in what others have to say about their selections as so far, the few sticks I've tried maybe 15 or so, are nothing special but then, there are so...
  2. Washington
    At Smokeys joes in fife who is in, 1.jessejava187 2.wild7even 3 4 5 6 7 8
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm not sure if there was a thread about this but I'm sure we can dicuss this one. How do you handle your breath? teeth? Gums? etc.... Do you rinse your mouth after a cigar? or just let it go? And if Yes how far do you go? do you use a breath spray? mint ? Mouth wash ? tooth paste ? Or do...
  4. General Discussion
    Less than a mile from where I work and very close to where I grew up, some guy blew himself up last night.
  5. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Well, yesterday I got all my colored clothes together for a nice wash. I loaded everything into the washer (front loader if that matters). After washing, I threw everything into the dryer. After completely drying (dryness sensor on the machine), I opened the door and on top of the clothes sat...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Just a heads up on a Rocky P. event today 03/08/08 in Tacoma Washington. Grand prize is a 42" HDTV. Have a great weekend. Ken
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    I am heading to DC tonight, and want to find a nice place to smoke a cigar, drink some scotch, and maybe even get a bite to eat. Any ideas backed up by personal experience? My Googling came up with Shelly's Back Room and Ozio's.
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Conservatives buck 'nanny' laws with blowout By Valerie Richardson THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published June 25, 2006 BENNETT, Colo. -- Colorado conservatives gathered yesterday to smoke cigars :w, drink adult beverages :aland wield firearms :gn, all in the name of the Constitution :u. The...
  9. General Discussion
    Jeeze I spent three hours washing, buffing and waxing the wife's car and had everything cleaned up. Less than one minut later a stinking bird decided to drop a load of poop on the roof! I need a smoke! After all that I think I will declare this a "Super Premium Saturday" and toast a #2 Monte...
  10. General Discussion
    Here is a nice "Do it Yourself" Carwash. Enjoy!! Just enter your command and watch them go to work. NSFW CBF:w
  11. General Discussion
    Anybody from this board planning on attending this get together? Date is Feb 5th from 7pm -10pm "Life is too short to worry about little things..unless someone is stealing your Partagas shorts"
1-11 of 11 Results