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  1. Habanos Discussion
    I did a little searching and didn't find anything like it over in the Habanos section. So here goes: What I want to do is make some sort of weekly competition between 2 Cuban cigars and the winner takes on another cigar the following week. Basically, I want people to vote on which of the 2...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    I was looking on cigars international and I'm contemplating getting some Man 'o Wars to try. If you buy a box of robustos, it costs $5.18 a stick. The Ruination Robustos costs $7 a stick if you buy a box. If you buy the royal sampler tin, which comes with 5 of each, it averages to $5 a...
  3. Entertainment
    YouTube - Lego Darth Vader Canteen Incident ROFLMAO. Love this!
  4. Tech Corner
    My computer is by no means the most advanced but it seems to be working great on every site or whatever Im doing until I statr to play Mafia Wars and then it acts like it processing thru cold syrup. Any thoghts? Thanks In Advance
  5. Entertainment
    OMG, freakin' awesome. Girls in bikinis reading scripts to your favorite movies. Better than mom and dad's bedtime stories. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Gamers Forum
    Okay guys, never thought I would be a facebooker, but my wife made me a page. Now I am addicted to this game Mafia Wars. Its awesome and I need all the great guys here, that are also on facebook to join my mob. Its a great game and very addictive. Below is my link to join me Join My Mafia...
  7. Tech Corner
    Anyone picking this up? I snagged one on my lunch for PS3. Toys R Us has them @ $59.99 and you get a $20 gift card and 50% off the strategy guide (which i thought looked like crap and I didn't need). It's the best deal i've seen.
  8. Jokes Forum
    You guessed it, toasters
  9. General Discussion
    LOLi found these and thought i would share A New Hope: The Empire strikes back: Return of the Jedi:
  10. General Discussion
    New star wars game coming out and it looks super sweet. Check the trailer. and they have some behind the scenes read more about it here. trailer behind the scenes
  11. Tech Corner
    Toshiba announced it is throwing in the towel on HD-DVD after a slew of recent announcements (Warner Bros, NetFlix, BestBuy and Walmart) supporting the Blu-Ray format.
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Yes, this is my second contest of the night. When I clear out my humidor I like to have some fun with it..... In Episode VI:Return of the Jedi, Jabba has a little rat-like pet. It's the one that laughs annoyingly and chews out part of C-3PO's eye. He has a name. What is it?
  13. General Discussion
    I just came across the following website. STAR WARS EPISODE IV in animated ASCII text! Is that cool or what? Enjoy! EDIT: Some dedicated fan took it a step further, adding synchronized sound and dialogue! Check it out on youtube
  14. General Discussion
    Well, next time R2 should smoke a stogie! :ss
  15. General Discussion
    I wish I had this much disposable income. True Star Wars I mean fans. Link to article and slide show.
  16. Jokes Forum
    Even if you're not, this is funny.
  17. General Discussion
    to all my fellow star wars fans @ 9:00 on the history channel is star wars the legacy revealed.:whoohoo:
  18. Coffee Discussion
    and in the right corner my espresso machine is what shall the replacement be, set forth your best arguments folks. And remember, Club Stogie is a snob free zone, :D
  19. Cigar Bombs
    0103 8555 7490 0515 3883 0103 8555 7499 3202 9961 And may the Force be with you :w
1-20 of 33 Results