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  1. Gamers Forum
    So my WOW account was banned. I am getting a new account on a new server. Was thinking I can't stand being in guilds with a bunch of kids that like to do anything buy play (ninja loot, try to hit on the women, harass lowbies). I started a new warrior on the Ghostlands server. I am in trial...
  2. Gamers Forum
    Anyone here play World of Warcraft on-line game? I just got into it today and am trying to figure it out. A bit overwhelming at first. Would like to hear from anyone who plays and might have some beginner advice. Thanks. :ask:
  3. Gamers Forum
    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone plays WoW here. Im on Anvilmar, name is TheGrundler. For The Horde!
  4. General Discussion
    Any others secure enough in their geekyness to say they play? :) Flaw - 70 Priest - Main Flawl - 70 Mage - Alt Wattage - 70 Warrior Alt
  5. General Discussion
    Any other B/SOTL addicted to World of Warcrack like me? Been playing 2 1/2 years have a dozen or so characters, nothing big and exciting, just like getting my $15 a month worth.:D
  6. General Discussion
    I've noticed that there are now quite a few members who have found the joys of WoW. So I thought it would be appropriate to have a thread dedicated to all things WoW.
  7. Jokes Forum
    for all the geeks and **** lovers. clicky
  8. General Discussion
    frankly I too lazy to look if there a post about his previous I play WoW, to the exclusion of all else lately...I wonder who else plays I know we could get a CS guild started if we worked at it if ya play pm me, if ya dont and are interested...well, pm me too lol
  9. General Discussion
    Well, I was hooked the first time I played it, World of Warcraft. My friend gave me his 10-day free pass and I used it to the last second...great game. Does anyone else play? My name is Haechilion on the game so add me to your friends list and we can do some quests. I have a Level 26 Night Elf...
1-9 of 9 Results