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  1. Sports Forum
    The deal is done. Looks like the Pats are getting a 3rd round pick. I really don't like this deal. Now we have no deep threat and Welker will likely be doubled up all game long. Not to mention the fact that we will see Moss again in a few weeks. Thoughts?
  2. Sports Forum
    Are you ****ing kidding me? 20,000 tickets still unsold for a playoff game? We can't get regular season tickets here in Philly and the Vikes can't sellout a playoff game? Worst fans ever. ... ec8O7EyUsr
  3. Cigar Contests
    Even though I live in Minneapolis I'm not a big Vikings fan, but I figure this will give us a fun chance to have a relatively short, 8 day cigar contest. The contest will be to guess the combined total score of the football game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on Monday...
  4. Cigar Passes
    Anyone here a vikings fan. I have an idea for a pass. PM me please
  5. Sports Forum
    I have been a Vikings fan for many many years, and to say the least I have been very impressed with them over the last 6 games they have played this year.
  6. Sports Forum
    what do you think Player goes to grandmothers funeral
  7. Sports Forum
    Any recommendations for a pre/post Vikings game smoke? Last time I was up for a Twins game, we stopped at MacKenzies and had a good time (and a nice walk from the Dome). I'm looking for other suggestions now. Thanks!
  8. Sports Forum
    Minnesota Vikings (+9.5) at Philadelphia Eagles (-9.5)
  9. Sports Forum
    Minnesota Vikings (+6) at Green Bay Cheeseheads (-6) (Sorry, but I live in Minnesota!)
  10. Sports Forum
    Here is a test of our new Fantasy Sportsbook at Club Stogie. Let's see if this thing works.
1-10 of 10 Results