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  1. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I had the best rib eye I've ever tasted at Trader Vic's last night. You could cut the meat with a fork. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned and just wonderful. Danielle had the duck with moo-shoo pancakes and plum sauce. They brought her a whole duck and even took it off the bones for her...
  2. General Discussion
    was awesome meeting you at the shack and congrats on the RG :ss
  3. General Discussion
    2100 RG !! Congrats on 2100 RG !! Job well done.
  4. General Discussion
    Take a page from the HHH, the drinkers with a running problem and Have Fun! Good luck brother! :tu PS - If you could finish in either 3:07:44, 3:11: 27, 3:16:05, 3: 21: 21, or 3: 25: 25 I would appreciate it!
  5. General Discussion
    Our local drinkin' :al, smokin' :w, runnin', jokin' :r lawyer man has eclisped the 600 rg barrier! Congrats, brother!,
  6. General Discussion
    Vic (ResIpsa), our resident fixer, our Shack Herf II coffee guru, and a good friend of mine, deservedly passed the 400 RG barrier today! Congrats Vic, you're a good Gorilla, a good friend, just an all-round good guy. Looking forward to our next cigar together! :)
  7. Coffee Discussion
    Vic, If it wasn't for you and your home roasted delicious coffee (My first taste of a home roast by the way:dr ) many of the gorillas wouldn't have been able to wake up on such a dreary day. It was really good! Oh yeah and for those of you gorillas that haven't had the pleasure to meet Vic, he's...
  8. Cigar Bombs
    Vic (ResIpsa) posted a thread a couple days ago about a strategical bombing run he was launching across the country...well, direct hit in Illinois today, some people on the top floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago report feeling a large quake earlier today, and parts of the suburbs have yet to be...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    What a great guy Vic_c is, after i inquired as to how his vintage RyJ Churchills are smoking- he insisted i just find out myself! Little did i know id be hooked up with 7 insane ISOMs!! I cannot thank him enough he was so generous to send all these fine habanos to me and the care in how they...
  10. Non-Habanos Reviews
    This is a low-end review (my first, low end or otherwise). The cigar wasn't especially low end but my review is. I think the more cigars you smoke, the more complicated they can get. Since I'm not very experienced I know I'm missing a lot here. By the way, my hero of the to-the-point review...
1-10 of 10 Results