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  1. Cigar Pictures
    Not cool just get home from work and entire front of my house gone ,i mean gone .so i think gas leak ok ,O NO .what a nice suprise to shelf. 1.2 tubo LA AURORA (SAPPIRE,ONE EMERALD) NEVER HAD 2.MB. 3 (TORP) NEVER HAD 3.LA FLOR DOMINICANA (CHIZEL) NEVER HAD. 4.GRAYCLIFF DOUBLE ESPRESSO...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Oh Johnny Boy....what have you done my friend. You decided to quickly retaliate against the LK....very bold move! Our avatarless wonder came out swinging hard. Some major damage done. It happened to be the first blow of 3 in the same day. But this one had a bit more sting to it. This was a well...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Some great smokes including a 5 year old Zino and Torano that's 3+. Thanks Dave!
  4. Cigar Bombs
    On the road today and get a call from the Wife saying " there's another package for you, now what did you buy and who's this unibomber guy. " :r Of course she open's it and tells me some unibomber hit me with some Cigars. Great surprise (of course it pisses me off when the Lady opens my mail )...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    The Unibomber has commanded the grounding of Snoopy's Sopwith Camel upon completion of the first sortie. Snoopy made a nice loop around the country, and scouts report the brave little beagle has landed in Arlington, Texas. The Unibomber forced his landing; but not to slow down the attack, but...
  6. Cigar Bombs
    Snoopy takes to the air again.....Woodstock is scurrying around inside as he lines up the bomblets for release. The Unibomber does not dare take to the air himself, as initial scouting reports that some gorillas have acquired surface-to-air "moose missiles". (Well, that and the fact that...
1-6 of 7 Results