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  1. General Discussion
    I tell ya all Some times I just can't win... The job offer I got and left ADT for turned out to be a joke. They lied on what i was going to be doing and yesterday I found out the "base pay" really don't exist unless you meet specific conditions which was not told to me when i was hired. Oh...
  2. General Discussion
    Today i'm leaving the workforce (At least temporarily). I've decided its time for a bit of leave. planning on going on vacation for a while (will buy tickets tomorrow to go somewhere in the south pacific). We'll see what job i'll do next, but rest assured -there will be plenty of time for...
  3. General Discussion
    Wished this could be posted in the joke forum. But here it is. This has all been a new experience for me. Real wake up call. In Order. 1. Your neighbors are not like you think they are. After 3 am things can get interesting. Never knew the fish pond they installed could be...
1-3 of 3 Results