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  1. Sports Forum
    :D they have approved to start a football program at UNC Charlotte. All I can say is "IT'S ABOUT TIME". I can only set and wait for 2013 but until then I'll just have to pull for NC State. This is a great day in history:ss
  2. Sports Forum
    Why does Tyler Hansbrough always look like he's going to cry like a little biatch?? ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK BABY!
  3. Sports Forum
    Game is coming on on ESPN2 or raycom. Wonder if FS is going to try to hurt Lawson again? Oh, so that makes me a . Love the ACC tourny :ss PS, I would like also to ask for prayers for the murdered UNC student body president Eve Carson. I've graduated since and never knew her, but it's a...
  4. Sports Forum
    Hard to believe Carolina beat Miami. They look awful today! Do you think Butch Davis will be able to take these young kids and make something of them in the next couple of years? :ss
  5. Sports Forum I'd love to see Roy take home another championship this year!! go heels!
  6. Sports Forum
    "Davis said he wasn't even aware he had a growth when he saw his dentist late last month in Cleveland for a routine cleaning. After the growth was removed, a biopsy diagnosed it as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma."...
  7. Sports Forum
    Today @ 3pm (central) on CBS - watch the Pukies get beat again!! :D
  8. Sports Forum
    Greatest rivalry in sports on ESPN tomorrow night. Who's gonna watch NC slaughter the Pukies!!!!! DUCK FUKE!!!!!!
  9. Sports Forum
    Was there ever a doubt???? J.J. *******??? Where were you all game??? 1 PAM '64 $10 1 AF Hemi Classic $8 6 pack of Anchor Steam $8 Senior night stomping by Carolina at Cameron Indoor, ... priceless. :cool:
1-9 of 9 Results