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  1. Cars and Motorcycles
    Motor Trend turns it up to 11 11 Car 1/4 Mile - Motor Trend Shootout - YouTube Although, I think a few of those cars never had anything close to a fighting chance.
  2. General Pipe Forum
    Okay. So I'm in the process of purchasing a decent amount of VaPer for my "everyday" smoke when I get back to college. I don't know what I want though. Really, I want some LBF. I should sack up and pay's shipping. What are some others I might like? I've been hunting through the...
  3. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Arnold's Tobacco is pleased to offer the Ultimate Cigar Sampler from Padron at the special price of $119.95. An additional savings of over $23.00 off our already discounted prices. This 6 cigar sampler offers the very best hand-rolled cigars Padron is famous for and is for a limited time only!
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys, Anyone have any experience with these? I got a 5 pack for free with a box of JR's Cabinets. Is the cello really yellow from age or is that the normal color of the cello they just happend to use? Just got them today. how long would you rest these guys before you smoked one? I'm new to...
  5. Non-Habanos Reviews
    blend: JR Ultimate Cabinet vitola: cabinet 40 5x54 wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra binder: "CTB" (?) filler: Honduran humidor time: 10 months @ 65%RH ambient conditions: temperature low 80's, humidity low 50's This is a follow-up to my review of the maduro version. To my taste, it's an excellent...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    For the sake of this discussion let's get your take on your absolute favorite smoke that can be currently purchased in the U.S.; in other words, not a Cuban or a limited edition that isn't currently available. Money is no object. (Don't be afraid to post if you're on a limited budget and have...
  7. Non-Habanos Reviews
    blend: JR Ultimate Maduro vitola: double corona 6.75x48 wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro binder/filler: Honduran humidor time: 10 months @ 65%RH, 1 week @ 62% drink: Sam Adams Cream Stout ambient conditions: temperature high 70's, humidity 60% JR Ultimate is a house brand of
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    For reasons a lot of you know, I do not do business with Jr Cigars anymore. I really like Jr, but I have my own principles. I have been saving this one, as not to let it go, but it was a beautiful day outside, and I took it to the back yard of my building with a becks beer, that...
  9. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Thompson has The Ultimate Combo III. Get 1 each of the Gurkha Master Select, Hoyo De Monterrey, Indian Tabac SF, Perdomo Maduro, and Rocky Patel Edge. All with a 5 count aluminum case. Im sure you can get more than 1. ALL FOR $16.96 W/ 15%OFF & FREE SHIPPING DO IT! ULTIMATE III COMBO
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Just got back from a four-night visit to Sin City. Stayed at the Aria (great hotel, outrageously expensive), saw a show (Chris Angel--avoid at all costs; a true hack), ate lots of red meat (Prime at the Bellagio takes first place), lost a lot of money (no comment), and smoked a ton of cigars...
  11. Cigar Questions
    I'm interested in trying the JR Ultimate double claro....can anyone provide feedback on them? I am planning on getting some 5 packs in the maduro and oscuro but the claro isn't offered in a 5 pack and I don’t want to commit to a box without information from fellow BOTLs.
  12. Habanos Discussion
    WOW! Okay, a while back, I posted a little snippet, that I'd like to get hold of a few "little guys", yanno, petit coronas and such. A couple of BOTL replied with some great ideas and I am very thankful for that. Then, I start getting these rather cryptic messeges from asmartbull. I mean, I...
  13. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Cigar smokers know just how worthwhile it can be to invest in an enjoyable experience; a luxurious sensation; a moment of pleasure. Splashing the... Read the full article here: Puff Lifestyle - The Pursuit of Happiness: Investing in the Ultimate Experience
  14. Cigar Bombs
    So, a little backstory is in this thread: Today is my birthday, and my friend's birthday is in 2 weeks, he got BOMBED. HARD. Opening/reaction video is awesome.. but if you have kids in the room, turn down the volume...
  15. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Private Islands Inc No man is an island, according to John Donne. But he obviously never spent a week living the high-life on his own private is... Read the full article here: Puff Lifestyle - Private Island Retreats: The Ultimate Stylish Getaway
  16. General Pipe Forum
    Here you go, Mixture 79 lovers. Rare 1970's Pipe That Playboys Hugh Hefner Smokes - eBay (item 220728258296 end time Jan-26-11 14:35:02 PST)
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    For those who have never partaken of this excellent cigar, I notice JR. cigars, has the box of 20 jr ultimate samplers on weekly auction. For those unfamiliar, these are not the alternatives, but a high quality smoke called the ultimate. It has been a trade brand for many decades. Its...
  18. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I've taken advice from this board from way back when it was Club Stogie, and as a result have a fistful of ljet flame ighters. My favourite is definitely the Dupont Maxi. Despite having some lovely lighters I have yet to really fall in love with a soft flame lighter. Can anyone therefore...
  19. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    One of my biggest complaints is when a cigar is too tight, my second is when a mild cigar is bland in taste. Done. Read the full review here: JR Ultimate Double Corona Cigar Review - tight and bland
  20. Habanos Discussion
    Seeing a lot of creamy references and I'm wondering if there are a few that everybody can agree on. I fully understand that everybody has a different palate, but creamy is more of a feel right?
1-20 of 101 Results