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  1. Cigar Forums Banter
    Hard to think of a more deserving Gorilla than Dave....all you do is make the Jungle a better place on a daily basis....what more could we ask? Congrats, my Friend! :D
  2. Everywhere Else
    I have been chosen to goto Iraq in April. I would like to get a going awaay HERF set up for me. I am in the middle of negociations for a place, But at the present time the date will be the 19th of April. It will be up in the Frederick, MD area as of now. So lets see how much interest there...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Well okay - one picture for tonight as I'm about worn out - But it was a good time had by all I think. Great crowd - nice to see everyone come out on a cold day! I know I enjoyed myself - and I know my wife did - LOL Anyway - here is the group shot for tonight - I'll get the rest of my...
  4. General Discussion
    Dave all I can say is u r the man. Congrads on the RG and keep up the good work for our troops. Im sure them love them.:tu My hat goes off2u.
  5. General Discussion
    You deserve much more. Thanks for all you do. :tu:u
  6. Cigar Bombs
    With all the endless possibility's for chops of this photo I wanted to open a contest for the best photoshop job. The chop may be from any photo taken during the justinphilly Labor Day herf but can only be of members. My unedited photos are at Link You are welcome to use any other photos...
  7. General Discussion
    thats right Dave is now in the realm of the 6100 Club...........couldn't have a better BOTL to call my friend...............enjoyed HERF'n w/you again.....just like ole time hopefully not so much time in between
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    If you happen to go to the Herf Information section, you can read about the Herf at that Dave and his wife, Celeste, had yesterday. A large number of the cigars - and they were premium numero uno ones - were supplied by Papajohn67, who wasn't even there. Thanks Papajohn. You are a special...
  9. General Discussion
    It has come to my attention that this young fella got pushed over the very impressive 5000rg mark! Congrats to you Dave/Nigel/P-Shield,Skype noob teacher etc etc for your constant and continued support to the people on this forum. I think a little dance to celebrate is in order :chk
  10. Everywhere Else
    I will be hosting a herf,rain or shine at my humble abode near Frederick MD.Please post here if are interested or have any questions :ss
  11. General Discussion
    Yes - it is true...our resident nice guy has hit the 4000rg mark.:bl Well done Davey wavey - you deserve it for showing what ya need to do around here to be a good BOTL. I know the troops sure do appreciate it!!:tu Ok ...I think that is enough mushy stuff;)
  12. General Discussion
    Congrats to a great BOTL and friend for the RG. It was a pleasure herfing in Chicago, Dave!!! I can't wait until we meet again! :ss :tu :bl
  13. General Discussion
    Our own Dave Trishield has magically gone over the 3100 RG mark. I can't tell you how great it was to finally herf with you this weekend Dave. You deserve this RG and so very much more.... :bl :bl :bl
  14. General Discussion
    Congrats Dave! That is a mighty big one you got there.:D
  15. General Discussion
    Well Dave - I told ya the other day it wasn't worth starting a 1500rg thread otherwise people would finish posting on that and then start on this!! Well done my friend - you are a really great guy and I hope like heck I can pull this trip together and get a chance to herf with ya in Chicago...
  16. General Discussion
    Congrats Dave. I am glad to be the one that bumped you over. scottie
  17. Cigar Bombs
    After waiting and waiting and waiting for the post lady to come (Dave posted this on the 3rd Jan) my package finally arrived!! Woohoo Dave wanted me to lose my virginity to him in a trade but i think he has taken my bombing virginity as well!!!! This is a example of bad gorilla math! You...
  18. Cigar Bombs
    I received a box from Trishield full of amazing goodies. Dave has been a great mentor for me and has offered me suggestions on many smokes to try..... He is a definite slippery slope pusher!!! Dave hit me with a Punch from 2000, Bolivar, Padron 1926, Partagas, Ashton Cabinet, Cohiba, and a...
1-20 of 22 Results