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  1. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Pre-Light: The Camacho Triple Maduro is a cigar that commands respect. From the intricate banding to the eloquent wrapper, this cigar screams "Ultra-Premium". It is a cigar that most people would find overkill. The majority of cigar smokers will never reach for this cigar. A triple...
  2. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Brand: Camacho Maduro Robusto MSRP: $8 - $10 but often show up on Cigar Monster at a much better price Size: 4.5 x 50 DTG: 031815CNOV11 Weather: 75F calm winds Cut Choice: Xikar Punch Lighter Choice: Ronson Drink Choice: Coffee Music Choice: None Pre-Light thoughts: There is a whole...
  3. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Like the thread title says, this is my first review. Comments - both negative and positive - are appreciated. I will also post this to the review form section (if that is what it is called). Size: Robusto Weather: 50-something clear fall day Cut / lighter: Guillotine and cheap-ass torch...
  4. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Hey there guys and gals, I have found what I consider to be a good deal on Camacho Triple Maduros. They can currently be had for $24 a 5'er on the "name your price" option of the Monster! I see many people pay much more than this on the auction sites. So good luck and go get 'em!
  5. Cigar Questions
    I am a big fan of the Camacho triple maduro and Ive been told that the A Turrent Triple Play is somewhat comparable. Is that true or do people just say that because they both have the word "triple" in their name? lol The triple maddy is one of my favorites (so far) and I'm looking for cigars...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    I've tried a couple of each and can't quite decide which one I like better. They are both amazing sticks in my opinion. What's your take on them? Ps. Has anyone tried the CAO MX3? If so, how does it compare to the other two triple maduros?
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This cigar looks classy and is constructed well. It did need one touch-up, but nothing major. The flavors start out with a strong espresso that r... Read the full review here: 5 Vegas Triple-A Triple A Cigar Review - Full bodied, good taste
  8. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Smoked one that I purchased 17 months ago. Same consistent taste. Very Strong and peppery. this is probably the strongest of the Cinco Vegas. High ... Read the full review here: 5 Vegas Triple-A Triple A Cigar Review - Aging has not changed it much
  9. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18 (6.0"x56) 5 pack. $50 shipped CONUS. PM me for details.
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Any cigars I can buy in a local shop (Massachusetts, New Hampshire) are literally double or triple the shipped price I can buy cigars from Cbid or (confirmed). I almost feel bad going into these places only to ultimately roll my eyes at the astronomical prices and leave empty...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    So, I just really got into puffing as more than just the occasional single cigar two to three times a year. Probably my fifth smoke since taking up the hobby was a Comacho triple maduro. Smoked it down to the nub and man, it put me on my rear end, but in a good way. Had to sit down and chill...
  12. Pipe Related Reviews
    I received this sample from Zach (Zfog) in the MAW. I have been putting trying this for a few days until I had some time to really have a go at this one. It was my first bowl of this, and I am going to have a few more tries at this. The smell of the plug is very faint. It reminds me of Anni...
  13. Pipe Related Reviews
    The tins arrived Friday, and since I was cigar smoking all weekend while camping, when I came home today and opened the box, I thought I'd end my night with my pipe instead of a cigar. I opened one of the tins, and saw the beautiful cake, cube cut it and loaded my Puff 2010 meer. The baccy was a...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    In stock at Looking forward to trying this plug!
  15. Cigar Bombs
    Just got Bombed! Three times!! I also recived a certian stick I've been wanting for awhile but cannot get:tape: This is awesome! I'm so thankful I don't know what to say.:hug: I'm was wanting to bomb before I got hit but, don't have enough post to request the addresses. I'll get there however...
  16. Habanos Discussion
    So what do you do if you have a Party Culebra and no one wants to share it with you.... Screw it, just light that sucker up and smoke it yourself. In all honesty, it was fantastic, no burn issues or relights needed. It got a little messy when I got to the band but it pulled through like a...
  17. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Hey Guys, This week (28 Mar 2011) on the Cigar Aficionado website, A. Turrent Triple Play Belicoso Cigar is announced as "Cigar of th Week". Below are the tasting notes: Tasting Notes : A dark torpedo with a strong espresso flavor on the first puff. The cigar draws well, and the espresso...
  18. Cigar Accessory Questions
    I've been seeing ads for "triple filtered" butane. Is this BS? Just looks like a marketing ploy to part suckers from their cash. Apparently the "off the shelf" cheap stuff can "gunk up your favorite lighter" I figure a replacement "favorite" lighter would end up way cheaper than paying for...
1-19 of 225 Results