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  1. Cigar Forums Banter
    You will be miss Tom, Mr. C. :rip: Tom Bosley -- who famously played Mr. Cunningham on "Happy Days" -- died this morning at a hospital in Rancho Mirage, CA ... TMZ has learned. A rep for the Bosleys tells TMZ Tom "died of natural causes or specifically, from a brief battle with lung cancer."...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Thanks a bunch Tom I like em all Bro :)
  3. Pipe Related Reviews
    What happened to the ToM threads? When I first joined I remember a tobacco of the month review thread. Their was first a poll asking which of several tobaccos would be chosen as the ToM and then a review thread. I think we should bring it back.
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Tom Poehler sits down with Daniel of to tell us a bit about his Texas based family of cigar reps and the business. Watch the video here: Cigar Live Video - Tom Poehler - Inside on Cigar Reps
  5. Pipe Related Reviews
    Picadilly is a provocative blend of several Virginia tobaccos, delicately spiced with Latakia, and finished with Louisiana perique. The alluring flavour is revealed in layers throughout the smoke. It's lighter and sweeter than the others, but still rich, with hints of cinnamon and citrus. A...
  6. Pipe Related Reviews
    St. James flake edged out Golden Slices and Virginia gentleman to get the ToM honors. Have fun with this one guys.
  7. Pipe Related Reviews
    I was having trouble deciding the January TOM so I will leave it up to you. The poll will stay open until the 22nd when I will see which tobacco got the most votes and viola.
  8. Pipe Related Reviews
    I figured this would be a no brainer for this month. I also chose christmas cheer because some may have vintage tins. Feel free to review any year that you have. has some tins from 03 and from 08. I will start thinking of blends for January, I hope you guys have some fun with this.
  9. General Pipe Forum
    I am gaging interest in a new Tobacco of the month thread. It seems that some people would like it and participate so before I start it up I want to make sure there are quite a few people who want to participate. Cheers
  10. General Discussion
    On Meet the Press this past Sunday, host Tom Brokaw suggested to President-Elect Obama that he raise gas taxes so that the price at the pump is always $4/gallon, with the government keeping the excess. Brokaw is nothing more than an elitist liberal. He is millionaire several times over. Of...
  11. General Pipe Forum
    While reading through the posts, I noticed some Tobacco of the Month posts. I haven't seen any for the past few months though. Is this not happening anymore? Would love to get in on this, always ready to try new tobaccos. WWhermit
  12. Sports Forum
    REPORT: BRADY OUT FOR THE YEAR WITH TORN ACL Posted by Mike Florio on September 7, 2008, 7:28 p.m. EDT Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports reports that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is expected to miss the rest of the 2008 season with a "severe...
  13. Pipe Related Reviews
    OK, so I apologize for not having a vote on this one, but to be honest it really intrigues me. "The Malthouse is a superb mixture of provincial Virginia tobaccos that are infused with Scottish Single Malt Whiskey. The tobacco is then pressure fermented for approximately 12 weeks until it is...
  14. Pipe Related Reviews
    Alright, post up your reviews for Hearth & Homes Butternut Burly here.
  15. Pipe Related Reviews
    Alright, here are the choices for the August ToM. I am trying to keep it to four choices, so I know that I am missing some choices that people would like to see, but there are more months to come ;).
  16. Pipe Related Reviews
    Alright, so it is to be a burley. I have found a few that I would like to put up for vote, but admittedly I do not know how well they represent overall. So if there are others that you all would like to see voted on, consider this an informal poll. The ones that I have so far are: C&D Safe...
  17. Pipe Related Reviews
    OK, so it is getting near to the time for the next ToM, so I had better get the show rolling. I want to be fair to the various tobacco types and give them each a fair kick at the can, as such, I am not going to have Virginias/VaPers on this poll (I know they are popular, and we will certainly...
  18. General Discussion I was shocked to hear this.
  19. General Discussion
    And he ain't MY friend!!!!!!
  20. Pipe Related Reviews
    Alright, GLP Fillmore has been chosen for the July ToM. Post up your reviews here.
1-20 of 89 Results