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  1. Thoughts and Prayers
    I received this message from Paul very early today his wonderful wife of many years Chrisie passed away Yesterday, Please keep them both in your prayers and hearts. Paul and Chrisie are the salt of the earth and he needs our energy now. I Love ya man and as such Chrisie as well though I didn't...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Talking to Paul (Tobacmon), about our likes and dislikes, I picked up that he was running out of a few of his favourites. I threatened to bomb him and he warned me "Dont start none, wont be none". I did it anyway. Sure enough, retaliation was severe. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to say...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    I mentioned a little while back that I wanted to try a bigger size Casa Fuente so this crazy guy decides to not only smack me up-side the head with one but hits me 4 other stellar smokes!! I reallly appreciate your generosity Paul:)
  4. Cigar Pictures
    Well, Paul saw a post a while ago and was looking to trade for some Padron's. I was happy to!! I got this great 5'er, including a couple of my favorites...thanks Paul!!
  5. Cigar Pictures
    I am still trying to recover from the major A$$ kicking TonyRicciardi put on me last week and from the great hit PV1191-aka- Tommy put on me yesterday and Tobacmon-aka-Paul decided to keep this smashdown coming! :whoohoo:He hits me w/ 10 Killer smokes but I have been searching for one of these...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    Paul has been eyeing my GreySmoke lighters for some time so I sent him a bunch and somthin on his wish list. Here are the fine smokes he sent me in return.
  7. Cigar Pictures
    Paul was in search of a OpusX so we did a small trade. He sent me a Anejo 46 plus 4 of his and my fav's the Nub habano, connecticut , LGC and a Graycliff! Thanks Paul for the very nice trade:biggrin:
  8. Cigar Pictures
    Paul, thanks again for the SUPERB hookup! I will enjoy each and every one of the cigars you sent my way in our trade! Paul wanted to do a trade for an Opus X so I figured that I would oblige. I sent my half (CeeDee thanks for the trade...) and Paul went and sent along his kick-ass half! Pic...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Tobacmon hooked me up with some great smokes today!!!!! He asked my opinion on some smokes, I gave it and wham!!!!! He blows my ass away!!!!! Thanks brother!!!!!
  10. Cigar Pictures
    And finally here they are, my first Nubs!! With other sticks I never tried (out the Monte)! Here what's inside (sorry for the low quality pict): -5 Vegas Limitada 2007 -Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro (was looking to try this badly!) -Gran Habano Corojo #5 -Montecristo -Nub Cameroon (a 358 I...
  11. Cigar Pictures
    Got these in today! Thanks Paul! Never had any Gurkha, but have a few resting. :dribble: Monte Plat (yummy) Tatuaje Cojono 2003 (never had) RP OWR Mad (yummy) Partagas Rosado (never had this "flavor") Vigilante Torp (new to me) Gurkha Barber Pole (new to me) Woooohooooo
  12. Cigar Bombs
    Went to Norfolk to pickup my son that just finished his cruise with the Navy.I called Paul and asked if he wanted to go smoke a cigar. Well hw showed up and he wasn't empty handed and hits me with ,El Centurion-my 1st,JP isom,2 villagers which are a damn good short smoke,Camacho 10 yr...
  13. Cigar Pictures
    Paul (tobacmon) saw that I was buying a box of Villigers and wanted to split it, so we decided to trade, and I asked him to just surprise me, and here's what he sent me.
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Ok, so I sent him a few smokes a while back, that he wanted to try, but I didn't expect to get hit back so soon, and so hard! Thanks a ton Paul! BTW, what were the two unbanded smokes? I have been wanting to try those little villigers for a while now. Scott
  15. Cigar Pictures
    Paul knows I like the Gurkhas and hit me w/a couple of faves (perfecto, Grand Age church) and several other fine sticks (Perdomo Slow-Aged/Lot 23 & a Nat Sherman). Thanx Paul, for another great PIF!:)
  16. Cigar Pictures
    Well as I am sure some of you have seen already, Tobacman and I did a little trade-a-roo ;) He was in dire need of some Nordings, so I couldn't let that go on for long. The trade was a semi-blind one - me not knowing what was gonna breeze my way. Well, Paul came through bigtime! Below is the...
1-16 of 23 Results