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  1. Television and Movies
    Well Me and the family just enjoyed the new version of the clash of the titans. I have to say it was rather good. I was a huge fan of the 1981 version as well, the only thing was they only showed "bobo the owl" for a brief second. unlike the 1981 counter part. It was packed with some pretty...
  2. Television and Movies
    My son wants me to take him this weekend. I have seen the trailer and it looks decent. Anyone have any input on it?
  3. Sports Forum
    We went to the game today. It was a blast, our seats were great. They were on the 45 yard line, 4 rows from the field. It was a good game. Titans won in O/T.
  4. General Discussion
    I hope I am posting this in the right forum here. I am wondering if there are any other alumni from T.C. Williams H.S. in Alexandria, Va. as members here. If so I would love to here from you. Class of '77 here. Go Titans!
  5. Entertainment
    I just love this flick. Am watching it on ABC Family right now.
  6. Sports Forum
    Who is going to take it Roy or Trinadad? and what cigar are you going to smoke? or plan to smoke? :tu
  7. Sports Forum
    Browns only chance to get in. Titans are +5 Colts are just chillin' So, whats it going to be? CMON COLTS WE NEED YOU.
  8. Sports Forum
    Ok a new week , a new game. I don't even know what the line is or if there is one yet. But I will take the Texans straight up over the Titans. Just like last week a 5er and the first on to pick the Titans its on. Both teams are coming off a lose so it should be good.
1-8 of 8 Results