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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Jose Cuervo has launched a brand-new, limited edition batch of their world-famous Tequila de la Familia. Designed by Mexican tattoo artist Dr Lakr... Read the full article here: Puff Lifestyle - Tattoo Artist Spices Up Traditional Tequila
  2. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Im drinking milagro silver reserve right now, what do yall like? Looking for a bottle in the $25-35 range. I drink it straight or in a on the rocks margarita made with patron citronage. Thanks in advance!
  3. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Just finished a bottle of Mascarillo Anejo that someone muled up from Puerta Vallarta for me. Super-nice stuff. The oak shared the stage with pepper and citrus was in the background. A complex tequila that had a lot of body. Definatly something I'll miss...
  4. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Any of you brothers ever tried this Brand? I noticed it being marketed on a lot of Billboards as I traveled across the country last year. At first i thought it was a new brand.... 1800 Select Silver Check this out...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    my favorite libation is don julio blanco tequila with lemon wedge. any ideas on a good cigar with tequila ??:der:
  6. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I don't know a lot about Tequilas (Silver/Blanco). The ones I most often have had, have all been Anejo or Reposado. I have decided to break down and buy two Silver/Blanco to try. I have selected the following from suggestions on various forums. From your experience, of the ones listed, which two...
  7. Cigar Bombs
    This morning a courier came to my door with a package, as my mailman doesn't come untill around 2 pm it occurs to me, I am getting bombed again. Bruce (SSG Adams) sent me a bottle of Patron Silver, which was high on my list of drinks to try. Thank you very much Bruce, I even had a glass since...
  8. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Anybody have any experience with this stuff? A local radio show (The Mens Room on KISW) raves daily about it being one of (if not the) best premium tequila out there. I don't want to spend $50 on a bottle of their anejo (They do carry it at the local liquor store...) without at least having...
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    Today, I am watching Sweeney Todd and deciding on what to smoke & drink. So I decided to turn it to CS to pick which Tequila I will pair with one of a couple of smokes...Review to follow. This should be in the drinks forum, but I wanted to get some quick votes and start drinking. I grabbed a...
  10. Jokes Forum
    A guy walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and, sees it's filled to the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there must be thousands of dollars in it. He approaches the bartender and asks. "What's up with the jar?" "Well, you pay $10 and if you pass three tests, you get all...
  11. Cigar Pictures
    Got home today to find this tasty little package of liquid and leafy goodness. All I did was sent Tom (PV1191) some trays...and this is what I get in return! Thanks Tom, I really appreciate the tequila and the cigars. Look forward to trying them all!
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    OK I know drinking and driving is a very dangerous thing to do . But apparently so is Drinking and looking at the devil site . :hn I checked my E-mail this morning and found one saying You won a box of Diamond Crown Maximus #5's . That's Strange I think to myself , I don't remember Bidding on...
  13. Want to Buy (WTB)
    I received a box of Sauza Hornitos Tequila flavored made by Drew Estates (robusto size). I've smoked a few and they aren't bad, just not in my flavor profile. They are mild with a slight, not unpleasant, Tequila flavor. I'm not a big fan of flavored cigars and prefer medium - full bodied...
  14. Non-Habanos Reviews
    It's a beautiful-looking cigar with a beautiful band. Construction was perfect - the perfect looking cigar. I toasted the end. Took a few puffs. I immediately tasted an awful taste - something foreign that I never tasted in a smoke product. I let it burn on it's own for a while. It's aroma...
  15. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I decided to give tequila another try. Eight years ago, I celebrated my 20th birthday in Cambridge, England, while I was a student there for a semester abroad. The first place we went offered eight free pints of beer. My friends decided I should have them all for...
  16. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Hello everyone, I just joined this weekend and I already feel welcome! I'd like to know if anyone knows of a cigar that will pair well with top-shelf tequila's. The tequila's we're thinking about are El Tosoro Reposada, Sauza Tres Gen Reposada, Patron Silver, or Gran Centenario. Any...
  17. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I've had several over the years, and sadly, not one stands out. Anyone wanna put in their :2??? Thanks!!!
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    I have been wanting to try these. Got them for $16. Got this for $13. Don't know if it was a good price or not? Not a big Gurkha fan but for $9 (5 Pack) I think it was a decent pick up. If anything they will make good bombing cigars after sitting a month or two in the Humi.
  19. General Discussion
    Tequila Christmas Cake 1 cup water 1 tsp. baking soda 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 cup of brown sugar Lemon juice 4 large eggs Nuts 1 bottle tequila 2 cups dried fruit Sample the tequila to check quality. (I already sampled it.....several times to check the quality) Take a large bowl, check the...
  20. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Which is your favorite, and why? Recently had some Three Generations, and it was by far the best agave juice I have ever sampled. It beat the Patron and 1800 hands down in my opinion. Smooth as silk, and for lack of a better word, plain yummy.
1-20 of 26 Results