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  1. Habanos Reviews
    I'll try something new, sort of a candid, real time style for this. Provenance: Got this last year. I believe these are discontinued, machine made and cello wrapped. The wrapper was brown and disintergrating so I discarded it then. Appearance and pre lit: The size of a undernourished Reyes...
  2. Habanos Reviews
    Jon and I smoked these on Thursday evening. I've tried them on two other occasions and have always found them to be outstanding. The wrappers are beautiful and dark and the cigars are dense. The draw was outstanding - just a tad bit firm (which is how I prefer it to be). The flavors were...
  3. Habanos Reviews
    Punch Superfinos ER release from Italy. Took time today to try one of these out. Wow, what a fantastic cigar. With a nice smooth burn, and lotsa thick smoke this cigar was a dream to smoke. It had a leathery/nutty taste that started off mild-medium and ended with a little thump to it. Also...
1-3 of 3 Results