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  1. Guns and Knives
    Introducing "SUE" - Savage Dual-Port Target Action .308/.338Fed Striker Pistol It has taken over sixteen (16) months, from date of commission to receiving the completed gun courtesy of Mr. FedEx earlier this week, for me to receive this "Specialty Pistol" custom build. SUE (for 'Savage Ultra...
  2. General Discussion
    From the GREATEST movie of alltime!!!
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    IT’S DAVID VS. GOLIATH IN THE CIGAR FESTIVAL WORLD PEORIA, IL—March 26, 2007—In a classic David vs. Goliath conflict, a small Midwestern gathering of cigar lovers is changing the name of its event because of a threatened trademark infringement lawsuit by Cigars International, the...
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    A group of cigar companies and the Cigar Association of America have successfully sued the city of Philadelphia to block a city ordinance that bans the sale... ... 59,00.html
  5. Jokes Forum
    how come ya can sue McDonalds for making ya fat, Tabacco companies for lung cancer but ya can't sue Jim Beam for all the ugly people your've slept with!! Disclaimer: These are not my words!!!
  6. General Discussion
    Holy moley, I had no idea! Interestingly, Nevada isn't on the list. Know why? 'Cause it's still f*ckin' cold! It snowed on Easter here! At this point, I'm all for global warming. I'm emptying aerosol cans, leaving my car running in the driveway and burning styrafoam on the back porch just so I...
  7. General Discussion
    I ask this question because my 1996 Ford Windstar 3.8L V6 now needs a new motor . I only have 48,674 miles on it and was expecting it to last at least another 50,000 miles . So has anybody here ever sued an automobile manufacturer ? Where do I start ? Seems like right now I'm just getting passed...
1-7 of 7 Results