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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Expecting a mild cigar, I was surprised at the complexity and flavor, which is a little on the spicy side. Cigar itself is nothing really special, ... Read the full review here: La Aurora Sublimes (tubo) Cigar Review - Nothing special
  2. Habanos Discussion
    Does anyone know if Cohiba makes a Sublime Maduro #5? My buddy's mom just brought a box of Cohiba Maduro 5's back from her trip to the Dominican Republic, and the band on the cigar has the black MADURO strip underneath, and the box label says COHIBA SUBLIMES MADURO #5 ... but I thought they...
  3. Habanos Reviews
    Additional photography, check out
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This an absolutely beautiful cigar! One of the best I've ever smoked. Great construction, flawless. Looks wonderful and has a great feel in your ha... Read the full review here: Montecristo (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2008 Sublimes Cigar Review - Out-frickin-standing
  5. Habanos Discussion
    So what's up with the Limited Editions of various blends follow by a year. Are those harvested or rolled that year? Are they much better than the regular brand? Say Trinidad Short Robusto T Edicion Limitada 2010 is WHAT comparing to regular short robusto? Also, those Sublimes (Cohiba and...
  6. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    What a cigar! Great youthful strength, cant wait to see how it will improve over a time. Def on the expensive side but if you can catch one for un... Read the full review here: Montecristo (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2008 Sublimes Cigar Review - Wow
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    March 25, 2010. This is a gorgeous cigar, it is so beautiful it is difficult to resist to it. The wrapper is the color of... Read the full review here: Cohiba (Cuba) Sublimes Extra Cigar Review - A classic!
  8. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    The cigar looks great with a dark, colorado scuro wrapper, no veins. Construction is very good, solid, no soft spots. Pre-lighting draw is good, af... Read the full review here: Montecristo (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2008 Sublimes Cigar Review - A very good cigar
  9. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Cohiba Sublimes Extra book ( limited edition of 1000) £1200...only 2 available email to order [email protected] Custom blends...the finest Havanas Available now in very limited quantity, the finest dark and oily custom blend Taboada Havana cigars. Characteristically, full flavour, medium...
  10. Habanos Discussion
    I know these are being released this month but when exactly I do not know. Does anyone know when the exact release date of these are? A friend of mine had a promotional one at an event earlier in the year and said they were a must try.
  11. Habanos Discussion
    I think the title speaks for itself. Does anyone here knows if Sublimes will ever come back to production again, even as Limitadas?
  12. Habanos Discussion
    Last night, we had our semi-annual Sublimes to see how they are coming along... Still need a lot of time. From a cigar that use to taste border line lousy, they are almost beginning to have some kind of taste, but what it is- is hard to figure out. Still a disappointing cigar to smoke, but...
  13. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Thanks to BigwaveD from NST trade. La Aurora Sublimes (Tube) cigars offer a flavorful, high-quality blend of hand selected, premium Dominican tobaccos wrapped in choice African Cameroon leaves for a rich, well-rounded flavor and aroma. Country: Dominican Republic Length/Ring: 5 x 38 Shape...
  14. Habanos Discussion
    I thought it was time to revisit the Sublimes. I have been unimpressed the last time I smoked one which was around the September, then tried another one around new years, and after all the reading on this forum, thought, “one more try”. I don’t want to get in the debate whether they are real...
  15. Habanos Reviews
    This box is coded LLN Dic04. The cigars have a little lighter wrappers than the ones on my Cohiba D.C.'s. A friend and I smoked these Wed. night. I'm so glad I did not rush out and buy a box of these for 800.00. I paid 525.00 delivered and they already had close to 9 months age. I had high...
  16. Habanos Discussion
    suposedly stopped production last week*, to make room for more overpriced and overhyped ..... I mean more el's. Somehow I think they will still be around.... glad I got 5 boxes put away** :rolleyes: *source : a vendor ** that is sarcasim lol
  17. Habanos Discussion
    Do the box codes on these typically get imprinted on the cardboard wrapper as opposd to the bottom of the box? For example GKl Oct 04.
  18. Habanos Discussion
    I understand that these are the Edicion Limitada 2004. I hear that the first ones have a boxcode from November. OK, maybe I didnt get this right. Or are they going to continue rolling these in 2005 too? I mean, after November its only December left to roll. They must be rolling like hell, 24...
  19. Habanos Reviews
    Let me preface this with the statement that you probably don't see a lot of cigar reviews from me on CS. This is mainly because I have the very lucky opportunity to try tons of different cigars and don't have the time to review them all. At the same time this is a curse, as 80% of the cigars...
  20. Habanos Discussion
    Has anyone heard anything about this smoke? Sounds like a yummy maduro from what I've gathered.
1-20 of 20 Results