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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Coffees My first order of true coffee is on its way. It sounds delicious in the websites description. I'll do a noob review for you guys when it gets here. Might have to have a smoke along with it. :bounce::bounce::bounce:
  2. Everywhere Else
    When: Tuesday, 11/15 Time: 4pm until they throw us out, so until Thursday, late Where: The cigar bar at the Shilo Inn Why: The Pict will be here! That's right, SoCal Chip will be in town! Details: Some may recall that last Thanksgiving time, we herf'd with Chip, The Pict, and his brother...
  3. Everywhere Else
    Same location (Shilo Inn on Canyon) Same time I need a herf before I spend all night friday handing out candy to strangers
  4. Everywhere Else
    Usual location - the Shilo Inn cigar bar Note that there is a cigar and scotch event coming up at the Shilo on 11/14, info at the herf Should be some new faces with some interesting connections to Central American cigar factories. If you need directions, post here and we'll take care of ya...
  5. Everywhere Else
    It's that time again! Location: Shilo Inn Beaverton Hotel 9900 Sw Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97225 (503) 297-2551 Date: 9/18/08 Time: 4:00 p.m. until they come to their sense and boot us
  6. Everywhere Else
    Celebrate Labor Day by laboring over a nice drink and maybe a plugged stick with us. This time, we will be trying some place new. Greater Trumps 1520 S.E. 37th Ave. Portland, OR 97214 (503) 235-4530 Time will be 4pm (because that's when they open :tu) * - Labor Day is Monday, September 1st...
  7. Everywhere Else
    The boys of Stumptown are holding a "Welcome to Portland" herf for the visting gorilla Theophilus. It's planned for Friday night starting 4PM at the Shilo Inn in Beaverton, so all in the area (including our satellite Seattle group *cough*Smokey Joes*cough*) are welcome to come and visit! The...
  8. Everywhere Else
    The Professor, aka Dokk; aka Big D; aka Gerry's Biotch; aka Rhetoric Man (I just made that one up); aka Rat Bastard; aka Tater Salad (okay, so that one is Ron White), is coming to Stumptown! Don't miss this one of a kind, one-day event that is sure to be fun for almost some of the family! To...
  9. Everywhere Else
    July 7th from mid-afternoon until whenever location is my patio usual rules - I will smoke chicken y'all provide the rest pm if you need directions If Tripp doesn't show, we'll auction off the knife he left a while back :D
  10. Everywhere Else
    Alright gentlemen, I'm calling for a herf. We got JE3146 coming up from Corvallis and he wants to meet up and enjoy a few cigars. I'm thinking Horse Brass because of driving situations. What days do folks have free? Maybe the 24th? 23rd too soon? I know Mark is AWOL at least on the 26th. 25th...
  11. Everywhere Else
    May 12th at the Shilo Inn in Beaverton (PM me if you need directions) Usual start (4pm) Special guest all the way from Tacoma is ... fishbeadtwo! Come visit that great bro from the north, Charley aka fishbeadtwo There is no truth to the rumor that PapaJohn is better looking :tu
  12. Everywhere Else
    There's a Don Pepin:ss event on the 24th of this month. I know I'll be there and thought I would invite the rest of you to join me! I'm not sure what time it starts, but I'll be there shortly after 5 because of my new work schedule. Location: Shilo Inn Beaverton Hotel 9900 Sw Canyon Rd...
  13. Everywhere Else
    Stumptown Herf on March 19th from the usual time to the usual time at the usual place. Location: The cigar bar at the Shilo Inn on Canyon Road at Walker Road Start: Some like to get there about 4 and some show up much later Be there or be someplace else!
  14. Commercial Roast Reviews
    After mentioning that I had read a few good reviews on this, Bigwaved sent me some and I am on my second reorder. This is one rich blend that is absolutely great. I need a lot more experience to be able to break down all the subtle or not so subtle flavors, but this is about the best...
  15. Everywhere Else
    It is time to herf again. Location: Shilo Inn Beaverton Hotel 9900 Sw Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97225 (503) 297-2551 Date: 3/5/08 Time: 6:00 p.m.ish
  16. Everywhere Else
    Location: 4534 SE Belmont, Portland, Oregon 97215 Date: February 9th, 2/9/08 Time: 4:00 p.m. until we are done Just a reminder, PM's going out as well. Lets burn some Shwishers.
  17. Everywhere Else
    When: 1/30/08 (Tomorrow night!) Where: Jake's Grill 611 SW Tenth Avenue Portland, Oregon 97205 Start time: 5:00ish Sorry for the short notice, Joey and I are going to hit Jake's tomorrow for happy hour and burn a few Backwoods. Come join us if you can!
  18. Everywhere Else
    At the usual place or should I see if Jason will let us try out his private club or maybe some place else? Enquiring minds and all that.
  19. Everywhere Else
    It is time to herf again. Chip (The Pict) is our special guest in from SoCal. Location: Shilo Inn Beaverton Hotel 9900 Sw Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97225 (503) 297-2551 Date: 12/27/07 Time: To be determined by tonight
  20. Everywhere Else
    Stumptown Herf for the Troops Wednesday, Jan 9th, 6pm - ?? As discussed at several past Stumptown herfs, the first organized herf of 2008 will also collect cigars to send to the troops. I'll collect as many sticks as you want to donate, package them with hydration and then send them to Dave...
1-20 of 27 Results