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  1. Entertainment
    Instead of cluttering my pc with movies I have found a great site with a list of streaming movie sites... I hope you guys enjoy the find. :tu P.S. My apologies if this is in any way considered spam... not my intention I assure you.
  2. General Discussion
    On 7/26, Ben (GreySmoke) is hosting his 2nd herf of the year. Ever since the Herf Across CL, I have been wishing that the IL group had been represented and I wanted to broadcast this upcoming herf. So this coming Saturday, the "GreySmoke Deck Herf" will be streaming on Stickam from 3pm until ...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey guys, please check this out and let me know how it works for you. I am working on a new internet radio project. This is the first time I had to set up the streaming server myself. I will probably shut down the stream early evening. This link should activate either WINAmp or iTunes to play...
  4. General Discussion
    Smoking a Fuente WOAM and doing a review. Thought I might share a bit of this today and do a streaming feed while I smoke... any one interested can view me live: :D CD
  5. Entertainment Check it out! Enjoy.
  6. General Discussion
    I am looking for software that will capture streaming video & audio from websites. Nothing nefarious here... just looking to save some vid clips for use in business presentations. I have looked at a few that claim to do what I want but hate to continue investing $50-100 and find out that it...
  7. General Discussion
    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a program or a way to capture streaming video so I can burn a dvd later. I watch bike races on the computer and my friends would like to see them also but they don't have high speed connections so that is not an option. They asked me to record them but I...
1-7 of 7 Results