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  1. Florida
    I plan on being there! Cigar event: Friday May 30th, 6PM -9PM REYES FAMILY CIGAR (PUROS INDIOS) Free Cuban food 1-DAY ONLY DEALS, free cigars and door prizes MANY, MANY DOOR PRIZES!!! Located at 1008 58th St. N Next to Chuck-E-Cheese & Loraine's Academy In Tyrone Gardens Plaza For more...
  2. General Discussion
    Well, the weather here has become PERFECT for riding.... low 80's... low humidity (good for cigar storage.. :lol: ) .... and a nice way to sepnd the weekend! Friday Night Bredenton, Fl shot with old Omypus and camera phone No idea who this is... but she looks nice in leather.... I have...
1-2 of 2 Results