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  1. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Yes it's early but I can't wait until the game starts! I have a tin that says the Steelers will be the WORLD CHAMPIONS anyone want to make a friendly wager? GO Steelers!!
  2. Cigar Contests
    Just like last time, this is a guessing game. You have until 4PM EST on Sunday to tell me how many tackles James "Illegal Hit" Harrison will finish the game with. The closest without going over wins a big Graycliff 1666 and something special. Tie-breaker is how many catches Hines Ward will...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I have a CC Partagas that I've been dying to try but never got to was supposed to go up in flames as the New Year came in but I got way to hammered that night and totally forgot...would have been a waste anyways. Aside from that an Original (Pepin blended) Padilla 1932 churchill will...
  4. Sports Forum
    Pittsburgh's goin to the superbowl!
  5. Cigar Pictures
    I would like to thank all who particiated in my Steeler Pass. It went off as smooth as they come and hope you all enjoyed it. I would also like to thank Maxnmisty435, Triplezero24, Adrenalin Junkie, Sofaman and JonDot for nailing me with awesome smokes:dribble: I really appreciate it guys:)...
  6. Sports Forum
    So what's all the Steelers fans gonna be smokin' tonight during the game?I'm gonna fire up a Padron 80th Maduro & pair it with a glass of Woodford Reserve.:wazzapp: GO STEELERS!!!!!
  7. Cigar Passes
    This pass is for all the die hard steeler fans out there and those of you who want to jump on the bandwagon:biggrin: The rules are as follows: 1. Must sport a Steelers Avatar until the pass is over 2. Looking for 10-12 members 3. Must have atleast 100 posts or at least 1 I-Trader rateing 4. US...
  8. Sports Forum
    How bout dem STEELERS!:whoohoo:
  9. Cigar Contests
    Since I was just the winner of the wk 3 contest I feel it only fitting I PIF and host the wk4 Steelers vs. Ravens MNF contest! So, same rules apply as before... Each person posts what they think the final score will be and the total yards for each team. Only 1 guess per person but you can edit...
  10. Sports Forum
    Great opening game the O line looked good and it looks like the Defence is back baby!!!
  11. Sports Forum
    That's worth $102 million, guaranteed $36 million, $26 million as signing bonus.:tu This is great news, plus Lamar Woodley is starting at LB this year.:ss You may discuss.......:D
  12. Sports Forum
    I know the Jaguars are the "Steelers of the south". They ran all over us in the last game, ect,ect, ect. This is the Playoffs, boys and girls. That's what is great about being a Steeler fan. This game is going to be good, I predict Pittsburgh will be victorious. :ss
  13. Sports Forum
    Temp in low 30's, snow,ect. Another field goal fest? At least I can watch it on local TV, usually the Jags games are blacked-out,(can't fill up the stadium:D). That's not a problem in Pittsburgh!!!:ss
  14. General Discussion ... 0000132326 How odd.... You HAVE to check this out..... At the guys viewing, they put him in a recliner instead of a casket...... had a game going..... I bet that is what he would have wanted..... so I guess that's more power to him! Wonder if...
  15. Sports Forum
    This has gone on long enough!!!! The Eagles almost had them, The Ravens had them beat!!!! Come on STEELERS!!!! BRING IT!!!!!!:mn BEAT THESE GUYS PLEASE!!!!!
  16. Sports Forum
    Well....this should be a good one. Hopefully, they fixed the field.:D I think it might snow. :chk
  17. Sports Forum
    Well... Santonio Holmes and Troy Polamalu are out for this game. Ricky Williams is back and nothing from Joey "mouth" Porter. Can we get a win this time guys? Read that Coach Tomlin got in ya'lls arse for the Jets game...good!!!! How about pounding the rock against another weak run defense...
  18. Sports Forum
    [No message]
  19. Jokes Forum
    > > Once upon a time, long, long ago there > > was a season > > when neither the Browns nor the Steelers > > made the > > post season playoffs. It seemed so unusual > > that the > > management of both teams got together and > > decided > > that there should be some sort of > > competition > >...
  20. Sports Forum
    I figured that I would get this going.... First things first. I will give credit where credit is due. The Patriots are the team to beat. They have a great team in all aspects, Qb, coach, O-line, recieving core, ect. I know this is not news to anyone, but I said it and put it out there. This...
1-20 of 39 Results