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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Having to limit my smoking to just 2 sticks a day, down from 4-5, should save me some money. Yesterday, while shopping for a B-Day stick at my local smoke shop, I had a chance for almost two hours to check out hundreds of brands and their single stick prices. Shocking, crazy, take your pick. One...
  2. General Discussion
    As some may know, I am involved with many fraud scams. I am involved in helping uncover them. Here is the latest one to hit the market. I just learned of how prevalent this is just a couple of week or so ago. Now I run into this article on the FBI's website. Be careful and beware of this. In...
  3. General Discussion
    Again this is NSFW lots of swearing! Hope it doesn't offend anyone Sorry if this has been posted before....though this was funny though. It is a little long but still worth it. I don't know much about Mencia other than that a...
  4. Jokes Forum ^^^^^click here :r
  5. General Discussion
    I did it a few times just joking around with friends...and it took away a total now of 5RG I think...before I realized it...Obv. not worth it...Just a warning.
  6. Jokes Forum
    I have to tell you right up front that this is NOT a parody. Seriously, Ronald MacDonald was charged with stealing from Wendy's. I'm not kidding. Police say there was no sign of the Hamburglar. News Story
  7. General Discussion
    Was just checking the recent purchases for the Thief function and someone successfully stole credits from God! Straight to hell with you! :D
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    I admit to stealing credits, but only from the richest people on this board, you know Robin Hood style. But man did it backfire! Now my rep took a hit and so did my credits. Started out stealing 25, then 50 and then when I tried 100... KBOOM!!!. some spare change?.... :D
1-8 of 9 Results