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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Has anyones else tired that Starbucks 3 region blend?? I picked up a pound of it the other day to try ( it comes in a gold bad) I French Press it, i cant get it off my mind, i cant wait to get home and brew some up in the am.
  2. Coffee Discussion Pretty good promotion for those of us who already have them! And even if you don't you can always go to starbucks, grab one and register it!
  3. Coffee Discussion
    They just had a huge promotional thinga bout this. A barista gave me a free shot of it and I have to say that it is just like the real thing. The catch?, it's instant coffee. I was quite floored, I couldn't tell the charred bean flavor from the instant charred bean flavor.
  4. Coffee Discussion
    Anyone know of any coffee which is similar to Yukon flavor profile?
  5. General Discussion
    I just got back from writing in Ron Paul and on the way home I picked up a free coffee from Starbucks. When I got home I did something I don't usually do and that's smoke my pipe. I had some black cherry blend from Demuth's which is a local shop in Lancaster, PA. It paired great with my coffee...
  6. Coffee Discussion
    U.S. Starbucks Stores that May be Closing :ss
  7. Commercial Roast Reviews
    From a bag o' beans ground at the store and french pressed at home and on 4th of July week (here and there). Pretty darn good.
  8. Coffee Discussion
    The stuff is awful, must have been roasted to the end of 2nd crack. Touted as fresh it had a roast date of 26 March. Don't bother with this stuff; even for free. Its a shame. I guess Starbucks is afraid to sell a city or even FC roast to it staunch fans probably because their taste buds are long...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    Yeah, yeah, I was there. My car was being worked on across the street so I was enjoying a cigar and the beautiful weather at Starbucks. I get a venti latte which normally has 3 shots. She is pulling the shots and asks if I want the fourth because she has to pull four anyway. I say sure and...
  10. General Discussion
    Currently at Starbucks, waiting for the boy to take his version of the SATs. Some big motorcade with the secret service just rolled up with some type of dignitaries. Wouldn't that be funny if they were Cuban? They are hanging out here. I'm the only one with a laptop and everyone is giving me the...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Since a lot of us use this magical service, might as well score a free $5 Starbucks card for it! Found it on Slickdeals... I just filled out the form, went pretty easily! Thought I'd share it with my BOTLs who don't mind the evil...
  12. Coffee Discussion
    I recived this email from my mom, I am not sure of the origin but feel that it could be true. Guess I won't be drinking Starbucks anymore! ! ! Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    The fisrt Starbucks to open int he KC area is now looking to close it's doors, unable to compete with a little local coffee shop down the street from it. Gotta love that. :tu ( - clicky - ) The little guy, is Broadway Cafe & Roastery. "A huge chain and a small local business have been doing...
  14. Coffee Discussion
    Nothing says coffee goodness like buying old coffee in the discount office store.... mmmm mmmm good! But, it's cheap so drink up if you're a fan:
  15. Coffee Discussion By signing up to receive info about the Hyatt as a potential meeting location, you will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card...wait for page to load and fill out your info. :tu lets see if THIS free offer ever works:D
  16. Jokes Forum
    The Top 15 Differences at a Russian Starbucks Doesn't matter what you order -- Colombia Supremo, Arabian Mocha, French Roast -- it all tastes like beets. No surprise here: Yakov Smirnoff is more talented as a barista than as a comedian. The Red Square store is conveniently situated so that, as...
  17. General Discussion
    We all know how much he loves their fine coffee's.....:r Congrats on passing the 3,000RG mark, Dan! Truly an asset to the Jungle and the envy of Coffee Ninjas everywhere! :tu
  18. Coffee Discussion
    They say the allure of Starbucks coffee is so powerful that the sheer number of customers driving out of their way for a morning fix has increased the duration of the a.m. commute nationwide, contributing to air pollution and traffic congestion. They say that Starbucks clout is so strong that...
  19. Texas
    Cuve Cigars and Starbucks Coffee Tasting Event Absolut Tobacco 1450 W. Grand Parkway Ste L Katy, Texas 77949 281 392 2387
  20. Coffee Discussion
    So im going to starbucks at lunch today (i know, i know, but its all there is within walking distance of work). Im taking suggestions on what to get, ive never had anything besides straight black coffee (folgers/maxwell, as well as a good cup in chicago at a coffee house). Is their espresso...
1-20 of 28 Results