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  1. Sports Forum
    "New Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said today that pitcher John Lackey will have Tommy John surgery and miss the 2012 season." Link
  2. Sports Forum
    What a freaken mess and embarressment this has become. Starting pictures drinking and eating fried chicken in the locker room during games. Manager gets fired and then scorched on the way out. GM jumping ship, ownership showing up on sports radio amking and ass off themselves. Geeeezzzzzzzzz how...
  3. Sports Forum
    It seems that the organization will announce, today, that Terry Francona is done in Boston and will probably just be "changing Sox" and head to Chicago. Time to get someone hard nosed in there who will whip that team into shape and get them where they SHOULD be. Thanks for the titles Tito...
  4. Sports Forum
    Rays rally from seven-run deficit to clinch AL wild card Red Sox lose to Orioles, ending playoff hopes
  5. Sports Forum
    Just wanted to welcome you all to your stay in Yankees Universe. Enjoy the games! :smoke: Cheers, Rosie
  6. Cigar Bombs
    So I get back from out of town and see a second box. I notice the return address and think oh crap. Well I had reason to worry. Open the box and see this note. Look inside and this is what I find: Thank you Kipp. Awesome selection you sent and will be well enjoyed.
  7. Sports Forum
    Who takes the series w/ what record? there are 18 games to be played in total. Yankees are down 1-2 in the series thus far... - Take a shot @ who wins & Series record - Tie breaker 1: Closest number to total runs scored - Tie breaker 2: Home Runs hit by winning team in Series In the event it's...
  8. Sports Forum
    That is right folks...this normall calm/collected Red Sox fan is getting impatient with the lack of production with the 2011 Boston Red Sox and their current (good for last in all of baseball) 2-9 record. Lets all come up with a list of things that didn't live up to the hype (like the Sox, thus...
  9. Sports Forum
    Good solid performance from the Yankees offense and pitching. Game 1 6-3 W As expected, a below average performance from Lester and Bard. I say this because Lester is a slow starter and I certainly don't expect this from him in a few months. Bard, for some reason, has looked hittable in...
  10. Sports Forum
    So what do you all think? Although I'm hesitant because of Sabathia, I'm still picking the Sox in this one (I really have to pick the Sox no matter what though). So this brings me to my next question (mods, I'm assuming this is ok to post) does anyone want to put up a 5 pack of NICE smokes for...
  11. Sports Forum
    Well i know they fell apart at the end, but they actually held on against the Twinkies. I hope they can now win a few games down in tampa.
  12. Sports Forum
    Who's ready??? White Sox showing dominance, getting ready for the playoffs.
  13. General Discussion
    They secured a playoff spot with the win tonight!:tu Go Sox!!! Pip
  14. New Hampshire
    Two Guys Nashua NH - 8/9/8 Noon to 4 pm "Come by Nashua NH this Saturday August 9th, to meet Baseball Legend Luis Tiant and get great specials on all El Tiante Cigars. Luis will also be showing off the new blend of El Tiante. So stop by our Nashua location this Saturday between Noon and 4pm to...
  15. Sports Forum this is pretty awesome. even though he is getting older he is still a great player. now he can play center and swisher can play first, and konerko can ride the pine. go sox:chk
  16. General Discussion
    Going to be honeymooning in Boston July 21-July 28th and was hoping to get some Red Sox tickets any have any ideas on the best way to get them. Other then the obvious craigslist and ebayness
  17. Sports Forum
    I know I may get just pounced for this comment...however...even the Boston Red Sox organization and fans can say I like what the Yankees did once this season... The Yankees are giving 100%of the "cursed" jersey...
  18. Cigar Pictures
    Going with the Baseball theme Rah55 sent me 9 great cigars with the batting order below!! His was a little more colorful than mine though. Opening line up Batting first a very nice Bolivar Batting Second Aspira Batting Third a Alec Bradley Trilogy Batting fourth an aged Puros Indios Batting...
  19. Sports Forum
    Here we go!!!!! Let the trash talkin begin.
  20. Cigar Bombs
    I got a box today with the winnings from Padron42's Red Sox trivia contest in honor of his 100th post: A very nice selection of sticks (6 because the Sox won their first game 6-5): It's hard to see, but they're sitting on top of the El...
1-20 of 47 Results