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  1. New York
    Sunday 11/01/09 Dia De Los Muertes Noon until 5pm Pete will be at SmokeSignals in Port Jefferson NY for my 5th Anniversary Welcome to Smoke Signals
  2. Smoking Action
    I tried uploading a bunch of pictures but my 2nd camera took very high resolution pictures and resizing is a pain so most will be on my site under past event photos by next week. I did put a few in a gallery under my profile here though as well.
  3. Meet the Manufacturer
    What is going to be the best day of my career as a cigar retailer just got better. Dion will also be at SmokeSignals on Saturday October 25, 2008. The lounge will be closed to Annual members only after 5:30pm but the the retail store is open to the public until 11 pm. So come on down and meet...
  4. Meet the Manufacturer After 5:30 the lounge will be closed to our annual members but the retail side will still be open to the public.
  5. New York
    SmokeSignals 308 Main Street Port Jefferson NY 11777 631-928-3060 Hey guys, I figured I would add myself to this list. We have a great selection in our 10'X18' walk-in humidor as well as some harder to get stuff like Padron Anniversary and Ashton VSG. We are also the only...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    some pics of Baby Gorilla, TBone Pickens, my Fiancee and me hanging at the lounge.
1-6 of 6 Results