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  1. Guns and Knives
    I just purchased my boy a 22lr smith and wesson. I was wondering if anyone might have one of the factory smith and wesson plastic cases? His unfortunately only came with the cardboard box. This is his first very own pistol and I would like to track down one of the factory cases. If someone has...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Taylor's, the local tobacconist in Fort Smith, AR, has been closed for some time now. This is the only one that is close to me, and I'd love to know if anyone knows why it's been closed. My humidor is getting empty.
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I know my profile says I live in Fort Smith, AR, but that's only because I am moving there this Wednesday. I used to live there a few years ago but that was before I smoked cigars. So I am not really aware of tobacconists or similar establishments in the area. SO! To the point, does anyone know...
  4. Sports Forum
    Seems that "The Dean" is having some problems. Just saw the following report about it. Sporting News - Dean Smith Great coach and an even better human being.
  5. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    If anyone gets a chance to try the Charles Smith Motor City its one of the best wines iv ever had. You will not be let down.
  6. Entertainment
    So, who are the Kevin Smith fans out there? I love all of his movies, I think my favorites are Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, and Mallrats. I find his films to be hilarious and original. I mean, he's the king of crude humor IMO and dick and fart jokes. How about you guys?
  7. Thoughts and Prayers
    a great man, father, grandfather, and wonderful friend. my wife and i are happy to have met and known you and be accepted so dearly close by every member of your family.
  8. Arkansas
    Taylor's Pipe and Tobacco Shop 5304 Rogers Ave. Fort Smith, AR 72903 (479) 452-1449 Found this place while I was out of town on work. A moderate sized humidor with a good selection. The Knowledgeable owner is almost always there. He shop sports an interesting decor of military models and...
  9. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    While this is a favorite of mine, tonight is the first time I have had one with a cigar. What a great complement to a smoke. Gonna have to start stocking this in the beer fridge. :tu
  10. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    DELICIOUS. Picked up a 22oz bottle at Trader Joes ~$5. I'll be looking for more...
  11. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I've only been drinking for a few years but, I picked up a bottle of this and poured it into a chilled glass - upon my first sip (while grilling a steak) I was hit with a taste unlike any beer I've ever had before. It was all I could do from keeping myself from chugging this stuff down. WOW I...
  12. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    At around $20 for the bottle, I think this is a terrific value.
  13. General Discussion
    Channel 247 (directv-detroit) TBS:) Wild Wild West Hitch Men in Black Bad Boys I picked a good nite to inside.:tu endless hours of WILL SMITH:D:mn Did yall hear me Will Smith is on all nite:po PS: If anyone says anything bad about Will Smith on this thread I will have PDS remove take your...
  14. General Discussion
    Please .... please ..... .... take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for this young lady. She was appearantly abducted from the area I live around on Saturday 6-2-07 and has yet to be found. Prayers, good thoughts, and maybe most of all .... HOPE .... that she may be found and in that...
  15. Sports Forum
    he is off to coach the gophers.
  16. General Discussion Opps sorry. I see someone beat me to this one. My bad.
  17. General Discussion
    Less than 6 months after her son passed, she has just passed away. She led a very public life, but she was a decent person none-the-less. I feel the worst for her recently-born daughter who lost her uncle and mother. R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith.,2933,250974,00.html
  18. Sports Forum
    ESPN can be so stupid sometimes. Has anyone noticed how often their talking heads say something like, "I really hope that the story is not about Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith being the first African American coaches in the Super Bowl..."? This cracks me up. If ESPN doesn't want it to be a story...
  19. Sports Forum
    Whoop-de-doo... big surprise there...I don't think he deserves it but okay. EDIT: and yes, I think JaMarcus Russel could out-quarterback Troy Smith anyday... CMP ATT YDS CMP% YPA LNG TD INT SACK RAT JaMarcus 211 308...
  20. Entertainment
    Anyone watch this last night? I think i like it... will need to see a few more episodes to be sure :-)
1-20 of 22 Results