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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm trying real hard to keep this from spinning out of control but its getting harder and harder to fight it. I drop into my local B&M every weekend and buy 4-6 sticks to enjoy over the course of the next week. But, I decided last week to order up a few fivers from Famous/Cigar Monster to save...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Hmm I received a package slip from USPS yesterday but my front office didn't have the package. I haven't ordered anything because I have to get my tonsils out after finals so this seems a little suspicious. :behindsofa:
  3. Habanos Discussion
    So I got my first real box of CCs about a week ago and figured I'd throw a pic up since we all love Cigar Pron! A box of Partagas Shorts and a fiver of VR Famosos.
  4. Habanos Discussion
    Well, I made the decision to finally go down this path and placed a sampler order. I feel kinda safe with what I did but as it is my first I do have certain concerns with it also. I usually don't worry on the NC side, but this is a different boat! I ordered the following : 10 PSD #4 3 HDM...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    Are you out of work? I don't know if you saw my other thread. I put up a thread of about over thirty cigars that I have just siting here some for over two years that I can't see my self ever get the time to smoke them. Its just to many. It's plus the cooler I have. I orginaly asked to trade...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    I think I have to check myself into the Betty Ford clinic, or maybe someone knows a place for compulsive stogie buyers. Help me................ These just came in from Atlantic.
  7. Jokes Forum
    Name of Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband:________________ I request permission for a leave of absence from the highest authority in my life for the following period: Date:________ Time of depature:_____ Time of return:_____ NOT to exceed:______ Should permission be granted, I do solemnly swear to...
  8. Jokes Forum
    APPLICATION FOR A NIGHT OUT WITH THE GIRLS Name of Girlfriend/Fiancé/Partner/Wife: I'm going out. Signed: (me) _____________________________
  9. Jokes Forum
    APPLICATION FOR A NIGHT OUT WITH THE BOYS Name of Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband: I request permission for a leave of absence from the highest authority in my life for the following period: Time of return Date: Time of departure: NOT to exceed: Should permission be granted, I do solemnly...
  10. General Discussion
    Hold on to your ass. It's amazing what you can come up with after a few beers and heavy equipment.
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    Some may remember my first slide down the slope. I plateaued, though, and have maintained a decent stock and hit a B&M only every once in a while. Well, my 75-count humidor is now full. I've gotten involved in some trades and purchases here on the forum and I've got a new 100-count humidor on...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    The Devil Sites got me in its clutches. The 48 qt. coolerdor that I'm using for aging is nearly filled (the next shipmet will fill it to the brim. Looks like I'll be in the market for a larger cooler. I still have a little room in one of my three desk top humidors, but not a lot. Looks like I'd...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    On that slippery slope, thanks to you guys and the devil site. Picked up sampler listed below - never smoked any. Any inputs on them. Are there some I better let age for a while - how long. Trying to transition to better/higher quality smokes. Just finished off a Montecristo Afrique...
  14. Habanos Discussion
    I am getting ready to make my first ISOM box purchases. I have smoked ISOMs on occasion, but not all that often. I am going to try to start cutting down on my C-bid purchases and start to buying some ISOM items. I have a couple of questions though. First off, what cigar will be pretty good...
  15. Habanos Discussion
    oh snap. just bought a 25 petite corona sampler and a dress box of party shorts. If I could ever get a little ahead with everyday smokes maybe I could start buying stuff like the Punch EL Robusto that I've heard so much about. Oh well I guess I shouldn't b*tch. 5 upmanns, 5 bolis, 5 sancho, 5...
1-15 of 15 Results